Please help me with my racing game

I am making a racing game and I need help with the scoring. I am trying to make it so you get one point for every stage you beat, so when you beat the game you have ten points. Please help me if you have any idea how to do it.

Place a Zone, a Counter-Linked Property (Configure it in the settings) and a Property (Numerical)

Connect the Zone to the Counter

(Zone) Player Enters Zone —> (Counter) Increment Counter

(Repeat this wire for every stage)

Put that Property into the Leaderboard settings.

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Thanks! That sounds great. I will try it.

Wait, can you make the counter deactivate so you only activate it once? And will this stuff work for every player or just one?

It depends on the counter scope.
If it’s player, each player will have a different score.
If it’s global, the points of everyone combined will be added to the counter.
If it’s team, the score of all players on a team will be added to the counter.

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Can you give me a real thorough explanation please? This is what I have right now. What am I doing wrong?

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You connect the zone to the counter-linked property (numerical) and put that property into the leaderboard.

Wait, connect the zone to the repeater?

No, to the counter.

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All the stages are connected.

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I just want to point out something, you can simply re-enter the zone over and over again to cheese the point system.

Thanks Everyone! I have figured out everything and my gimkit will be posted ASAP.
Special thanks to Haiasi who was patient with me and helped me a lot. Thanks!

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One last thing, if anyone knows how, can you link 2 property devices together? You can only wire a certain amount to the counter so I need more than one.

Just make multiple counters that are linked to the same property.
(Got this from ClicClac)

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