How do you make a teleporter move each game

How do you make a teleporter move each game (need to make the game harder)

Teleporters cannot be “moved” per say, but you can disable a teleporter and enable a different one.

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you can disable a teleporter?

You could place a bunch of different teleporters and then use a lifecycle that triggers at the start of the game. Then connect that to a randomizer that chooses a teleporter for you

I don’t think this works

i cant even find a randomizer anywhere

There’s a guide for that. Search up loot tables.

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Place down a lifecycle and trigger. Then connect them like this:

Go to trigger settings and configure it like this:


Now go to blocks and add a new one. Make a code that looks like this:

You can change the twenty to whatever you want. Now deactivate a barrier around each teleporter when receiving on teleporter[whatever number that is assigned to that teleporter without the brackets]On. Mark as solution if this works. @Bacement1

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