How to check if a player is outside of a zone

So right now I’m making a battle royale w/ storm, and when the storm shrinks and someone is outside the new zone, it doesn’t effect their pseudo-health. How can I make it so that if someone is outside the new zone, they start taking damage?

Well, you can just make it so when they leave the zone they start taking damage, and stop when they reenter.

Yes I know that but when I shrink the zone it deletes the old zone and replaces it with a smaller zone. I want to make it so that it checks if it is outside the new, smaller zone and then start damaging the player if they are outside

Use this guide on enhanced repeaters:

Activate the enhanced repeater when you’re outside the zone and deactivate it when you’re outside the zone.

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No like when the zone shrinks I need it to check if the player is outside the smaller zone

Use triggers to mediate the channel broadcasts from each zone. Use this guide:

I’m not sure how this would work I’m kinda dumb :sob:

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