Item and Go Seek

How would I create a way so when players enter a specific area, they have to find a certain item in a certain time limit (ex. 300 seconds, 5 minutes) and bring it to an area to enter the next area?

have 2 zones and a counter, make it so when players enters zone (area with item.) counter starts. and when they find the item and go to next area, counter disables. that’s my way of explaining it anyways

I just have one last Q&A, how would I make it so when the counter reaches 300, only one player dies, so it will vary per player?

You could use a (relay set to random player) Relay Trigger --> Respawn Player(Respawn)

it automatically only happens for the triggering player, the player who entered the zone unless you use a relay (all players) to make all players die
also, as for @speedy_kd4 you need either a repeater clock or trigger clock to increment the counter, it cant start a countdown all on its own.

Trigger Loop Explanation:

to add on this,

also, you dont need to deactivate the counter, you just need to deactivate the zone


(Zone) Player Enters Zone —> (Trigger 1) Trigger

(^ Starting the Trigger Loop)

(Trigger 1) Triggered —> (Trigger 2) Trigger

[spoiler] (^ Starting the second Trigger in the loop) /spoiler]

(Trigger 2) Triggered —> (Trigger 1) Trigger

(^ Making sure the loop doesn’t stop by connecting the second trigger to retrigger the first one)

(Trigger 1) Triggered —> (Counter) Increment Counter

(Trigger 2) Triggered —> (Counter) Increment Counter

(^ Set a Target for the Counter for how long you want it to run.
ex. both trigger delay = 1, make counter target 300 for 300 seconds)

(Counter) Target Value Reached —> (Checker) Run Check

(Checker) Check Passes —> (Zone 1) Deactivate Zone

(Checker) Check Passes —> (Zone 2) Activate Zone

(^ checking if the player has the item, deactivating the previous zone and activating the next)
(if the check passes, of course)

if you want an event to occur when the player didn’t reach it in time

(Checker) Check Fails —> (Device) Run Action

Just one last thing : ). How would I create the leaderboard so it measures how long person was alive for? Like Snowy Survival, last player alive wins.

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