Is it possible to make it so that once someone goes to a cetain place they are respawned there

i made a trap and it locks them in and if they fail then they have to take a different route but if they die it just respawns them in the other place can I make it so that that does not happen?

I believe it is but I personal don’t know who, sorry.

When they get trapped put a spawnpad linked to a zone linked to a team switcher and only one team can spawn at the trap.

So you can have an invisible laser tripwire to detect when the player enters through the doorway. When passing through the laser, it will activate a trigger from a lifecycle that detects player knockouts. When the player is knocked out, run it through the trigger, and the trigger to a teleporter to teleport the player back to your room. When the player leaves tunnel succesfully, deactivate the trigger again.

See way smarter than me, I know almost nothing about code just map making.

Yeah I thought my solution was smart but @WhoAmI completely blew mine away

ok so i am not doing a team thing its more of a free for all I only want certain people who enter that area to not be able to leave

his makes 0 sense to me very confusing

oh well then sorry. My bad

Okay. So, first read these guides

How To Deactivate Un-deactivatable Devices. Difficulty 1/10 or 🟦.

Now, here

  1. Place a laser tripwire across the doorway into your room.
  2. Make the laser transmit on channel Roomlocked when being hit with the laser. Also have the door close behind you when being hit with the laser.
  3. Place down a lifecycle, a trigger, and a teleporter.
  4. Have the trigger be deactivated on start, and to activate when receiving on Roomlocked.
  5. Take your lifecycle and set it to track player knockouts. Connect the lifecycle to your deactivated trigger. When event runs------trigger. Then connect the trigger to the teleporter. When triggered-------teleport to here. Place the teleporter in your room.
  6. Now place another laser tripwire at the end of the tunnel of the way OUT of your room. Make it transmit on Roomunlocked.
  7. Have the deactivated trigger deactivate when receiving on Roomunlocked.

do you want to do it because I’m not that great at this kinda stuff

i have no chat or any of that but yea I’m not super worried about a ib if those things don’t even really know what that is

what do you mean by a door in step three