How to make a Tripwire (🟩)

So, this was a spur on the moment thought, but after a quick test, I realized that if you set a laser to deal 0 damage and connect said laser to something, you can essentially make a tripwire out of said laser. It is really quite simple! All you need to do are the following.

  1. Set the laser to deal 0 damage.
  2. Hook up said laser up to whatever you want to trigger/activate/deactivate.
  3. If you want it looking more tripwire like, you can remove the starting and end points and turn the color white, and if you want an invisible tripwire, you can turn it black.
  4. That is all!
    Why would you use a laser over a trigger? I don’t really know yet, maybe because you can stretch it out, anyway, thank you for reading this post.

I can already see a way to use this: Map borders. Put four around the edges, and if you touch it, you respawn. Saves on walls.


Yeah, but you could do that by setting damage to 100000 instead of connecting it to force respawn.


However, will you see what killed you if it doesn’t deal damage and is invisible?


So you want the way of death to be mysterious and unknown, I see.


Bumps into a laser tripwire


So many of your old guides!

Even older now. Bump.

(walks into room)

(trips on laser tripwire)

(bumrps this guide)

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I stepped on a tripwire and then Tim jumped me and I bumped my head.

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WhoAmI set up a tripwire in my box without telling me : (
So I tripped on it and bumped my horns into Clic. Sorry, @ClicClac !
@ClicClac did I stab you by accident…?
rotisserie penguin arctic phoenix!!!


It’s fine! I’ll survive being impaled![1]

  1. The great part about being on break is that forum rules are MUCH weaker than normal. ↩︎

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This is a good guide!