📜 The Ultimate Guide To Baldi's Basics

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Welcome to the amazing world of Baldi’s Basics! I, @California_Love, and other students have decided to create this amazing ultimate guide on making the wonderful game of Baldi’s Basics. It has only most recently occurred that this half-scary half-funny horror game deserves to be enjoyed and created by gimkitters alike! It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the official wiki of Baldi’s Basics! Make sure to vote before editing! Let’s get started! :straight_ruler:

Notes :memo:

This guide contains channels, scope, blocks, and lots of creativity! :smile:
If you don’t quite understand these, the links will have you sent to guides that will help!

:sob: Out of memory? Try thinking of clever ways to improvise! Blocks use lots of memory and wires can be confusing, so instead, (as a suggestion, use channels!) :smiley:


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Level 1: “Learn The Basics!”

Making Classrooms

This has a guide: Baldi’s Basics Guides— How to Make A Classroom [Difficulty: :white_large_square:]. It can be learned here, as well! Have fun with this step!

:hammer_and_wrench: Tutorial by: California_Love
:white_circle: Difficulty Rating

  • First, place down your terrain. :spiral_notepad: I suggest using boardwalk.
  • Then, under the props section, choose desks.
  • Resize them however you’d like; :spiral_notepad: I suggest making them small.
  • Now, use one wide or normal blackboard.
  • Now, type something about math and layer it on top of the blackboard! (The provided guide has more details on this part!)
  • Now add props, like a teacher’s desk, plants, laptops and papers on the desks, and more!
    You’re done! :partying_face:
Collecting Notebooks

This has a guide: Baldi’s Basics Guides- Classroom & Notebooks (PART 2)– [Difficulty: :blue_square:]. It can be learned here, as well! Have fun with this step!
:hammer_and_wrench: Tutorial Maker: @California_Love
:large_blue_circle: Difficulty Rating

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: Use the previous guide or tutorial to use this guide.

  • First, place down a questioner.
  • Secondly, place down a counter. Wire the questioner to the counter.
    Question answered correctly < increment counter
  • In the counter’s settings, set the counter’s target value to 3.
  • On the when target value reached, transmit on part, insert the channel name Target.
  • On the Featured tab, set the scope to player and reset the counter when it receives on Target.
  • Place down an item granter. Wire the counter to the item granter.
    Target value reached < grant item
  • Now wire the counter to the questioner.
    Target value reached < disable questioner
    Now you’re done! :partying_face:
    :memo: Tip: Make the questioner and counter team scoped so you can play on teams!
Making The Halls

This has a guide: Baldi’s Basics Guides— Hallways & Doors [Difficulty: :blue_square:]. It can be learned here, as well! Have fun with this step!
:hammer_and_wrench: Tutorial Maker: @California_Love
:white_circle: Difficulty Rating

  • First, use the same terrain you used for your classrooms, or something different.
  • Then, for lockers, you can use safes. (There are two colors) Align them all close to each other.
  • Add wide and regular sized blackboards and put them wherever. Put text or just details on them for decoration.
    Now you’re done! :partying_face:
    :memo: Tip: Decorate the lockers using text emojis!
Unlocking The Doors

This has a guide: Baldi’s Basics Guides— Hallways & Doors [Difficulty: :blue_square:]. It can be learned here, as well! Have fun with this step!
:hammer_and_wrench: Tutorial Maker: @California_Love
:large_blue_circle: Difficulty Rating
:notebook: Use the classrooms guide for continuing to this.

  • First, place down a barrier adjacent to your classrooms, or in front of them.
  • Place down a button. Make sure it has a good hitbox.
  • Now, wire the button to the barrier.
    Button pressed < activate barrier
  • Now in the channels section, for the barrier, make it transmit on the channel Door when the barrier is deactivated.
  • Now for the button, deactivate it when it receives it on channel Door.
    Now you’re done! :partying_face:
    :notebook: Tip: For teams, use a checker that checks for an item that a specific team has so only they can open the door. If the check passes, it will unlock the door! If it doesn’t, it opens a popup that says “You aren’t allowed to open this door!” :rofl:
Hideable Lockers?

Currently, this has a guide, but it could be improved and made into another guide.
For now, use this guide: Baldi’s Basics Guides— Hallways & Doors [Difficulty: :blue_square:]. It can be learned here; have fun with this step!
:hammer_and_wrench: Tutorial Maker: @California_Love
:large_blue_circle: Difficulty Rating

  • First, place down a button that has a good hitbox on the locker.
  • Then, place down a teleporter behind the locker. Wire the button to the teleporter.
    Button pressed < teleport player here.
    Now you’re done! :pencil2: Note: Advanced mode is available below!
    (advanced mode coming soon)
Running In the Halls!

This has a guide: Baldi’s Basics Guides— No Running In The Halls! [Difficulty: :orange_square:] [WIP]. It can be learned here, as well! Have fun with this step!
:hammer_and_wrench: Tutorial Maker: @California_Love
:orange_circle: Difficulty Rating

  • First, place down a zone wherever you’d like.
  • Then, place down a game overlay. Make it say Run!.
  • Place down a speed modifier, and wire the game overlay to the speed modifier.
    Button pressed < set player to configured speed
  • Now, add a counter. Wire the zone to the counter.
    Player enters zone < increment counter
  • Configure the counter’s settings so that it updates a property’s value. The property updated should be Sprinting.
  • Then, place down a checker. Wire the zone to the checker.
    Player enters zone < run check.
  • The checker’s settings should check for the property’s value. The property’s value should be equal to 1.
  • Now, wire the checker to a teleporter. It should be the detention room!
    Check passes < teleport player here
    Now you’re done! :partying_face:
The Detention Room

:hammer_and_wrench: Tutorial Maker: @California_Love
:green_circle: Difficulty Rating

You need these two guides before continuing…
Baldi’s Basics Guides— No Running In The Halls! [Difficulty: :orange_square:]

  • First, create your own detention room using the provided guide.
  • Second, use the other guide.
  • Now, wire the teleporter to a popup.
    Player teleported here < open popup.
  • Configure the popup to say “Oh No! You got detention!”
  • Now, wire the popup to a repeater.
  • Configure the repeater’s settings to have a task interval of one second, and that it repeats the task 30 times for thirty seconds.
  • Now wire the repeater to the counter.
    Repeater runs task < decrement counter.
  • Configure the counter to have a target of zero, and the starting value 30, as 30 seconds.
  • Now, finally, place down a barrier. Wire the counter to the barrier.
    Target value reached < deactivate barrier.
    Now you’re done! :partying_face:

Level 2: “Hello, Characters!”


This has a guide: Baldi’s Basics Guides— Characters: Playtime [Difficulty: :orange_square:]. It can be learned here; have fun with this character!

It's A Bully

(coming soon)

The Principal of the Thing

(coming soon)

First Prize

(coming soon)

Arts & Crafters

(coming soon)

Gotta Sweep

(coming soon)

Cloudy Copter

(coming soon)

Level 3: “Oh, No! It’s The Worst!”


(coming soon)

Playtime's Game

Baldi’s Basics Guides— Characters: Playtime [Difficulty: :orange_square:].

Bully's Banana

(coming soon)

Gettin' Sweeped

(coming soon)

1st Prize's Push

(coming soon)

Cloudy Storm

(coming soon)

Level 4: Secrets & More!

Where It All Began

(coming soon)

Baldi's Basics Hidden Lore

(coming soon)

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In the meantime, please enjoy this ultimate guide! :smile:


What do all the characters do? (Not Baldi though, I know what he does.)


woah, baldi’s basics? its been forever since i’ve though abt that game, glad to see people still care about it
anyhow, nice tug! although, (just wondering) are you going to be adding the items?


I will explain that in later editing…thanks for reading this.


UPDATE LOG :memo: February 21-28, 2024

  • Finished Level 1 currently until further additions :+1:
  • Updated and cleaned grammatical errors; :spiral_notepad:
  • New Baldi’s Basics guide is coming soon! :wink:
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I wish to be pinged when this beautiful wiki is done
I love baldi’s basics… I used to play it a lot because I could never get all the notebooks
I remember I tried so many times to solve the question that’s coded for you to get wrong
oh well
still cant wait to see this finished

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