Baldi's Basics Guides--- Characters: Playtime [Difficulty: 🟧]

Welcome to another Baldi’s Basics guide! :straight_ruler: (And yes, this is another thrilling guide!) And today I’m going to show you how to make each and every character in the game! Eventually… but today we’re going with one of the most annoying characters; that’s right, besides Baldi!: Playtime! Let’s get started! Would you stop worrying about Baldi chasing you? He’s not going to, I promise!
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First, we need to make Playtime. She isn’t exactly one of the prettiest characters, and she looks like a kindergartner’s drawing, but let’s make her look–fabulous! Place down a sentry anywhere you’d like for her to go! Nowhere specific! Then, add accessories to it so we can give her some character!
:notebook: SUGGESTION: I recommend using a Pink Evil Sentry appearance for Playtime!
Screenshot 2024-01-29 9.36.29 AM

Now, place down a zone. :speech_balloon: This is where you will be able to speak to her! It won’t be that scary! You also need to have a game overlay that has the option for Playtime to talk! Place down a game overlay and have it show when the player enters the zone.
Screenshot 2024-01-29 11.03.44 AM

Next, when the player clicks on the overlay it opens the popup. Let’s do that with some easy wiring. :electric_plug: Wire the game overlay to the popup so that when it is pressed it opens the popup.
Screenshot 2024-01-29 11.10.18 AM

Now let’s edit the dialogue: Remember how she speaks? “Do you want to play a game with me?” and “Let’s play! One-two-three-four-five!?” Let’s make her say that, but without the second part. Edit the popup’s settings to something similar to this:

There’s always an option that declines the request of playing so, keep that in mind. :wink: Now let’s continue this conversation. Place down another popup and have it at these settings:

Now, when the primary call to action is clicked, it’ll send the player to Playtime’s task. When the secondary call to action is clicked, it closes the popup. Now, what will you be playing? It won’t be jump rope, unfortunately but it will be something completely unexpected! It looks like this:

This is the fun part, though: You can make it however you’d like. :slight_smile: (Baldi’s idea wouldn’t be ideal, however.) This is just my example. If you panicked, just relax. It’s just—crazy, right? Now, you know how to make Playtime in Baldi’s Basics! Now, when this is finished, it opens a popup sort of like this:

:triangular_flag_on_post: And now you’re done! That’s all for this guide! Thanks for looking at another Baldi’s Basics guide! Make sure you created your own version of Playtime, or make somebody else! More Baldi’s Basics guides are coming soon! :slight_smile: Hopefully, Baldi won’t show up anytime soon!

See you next time!
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this is pretty cool, a lot of baldi’s basics!

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You should do this with the new sentry skins! I would love to see the (BUMP) result, sorry, my head hit the wall.

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