Baldi's Basics Guides--- How To Make Baldi! [Difficulty: ⬜]

Welcome to another Baldi’s Basics guide! This series of guides will be teaching you how to make a Baldi’s Basics game in Gimkit Creative and perhaps even more, including art, functions, and more! :books: (Yes, this is something else that will be brilliant!) Since this guide is an art guide, you’ll only need two things: Gimkit and your creativity! :yum: Let’s get started!

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Now without further ado, let’s get started! Here are all of the steps!

  • :notebook_with_decorative_cover: SUGGESTION: Zoom out of your screen so you can edit and see many different details at once; it helped me with this guide!
  • :memo: TIP: I recommend not using barrier outlines so you can have it look cleaner! You can if you choose, or if you’re a better artist than I am! :joy:

Finished Product

Screenshot 2024-02-05 11.18.16 AM

Step 1

Use a square-shaped barrier for the body, and color it green :green_circle:, for Baldi’s shirt. Then copy the body and resize :computer_mouse: it looks like Baldi’s skinny and scarily thin arms. Do this four times for his arms.

Step 2

Then, using two circle :white_circle: barriers, color them the shade of Baldi’s skin and place them adjacent to the arms. Ta-da! Now his arms! Go to the next step!

Step 3

Using two rectangular barriers for his legs, color them blue :large_blue_circle: for his pants. You can make them straight or use another extra one for detail. Then, using two small square barriers and two circle barriers, color them all brown :brown_circle: for Baldi’s shoes. :ballet_shoes: Place the square one first and then the circle one in front. Now you have his shoes! Once done, go on to the next step; It should look something like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-05 1.29.03 PM

Step 4

Next, let’s make his head using a circle barrier! Color it the same as his hands. Using a text box, make an “upside down U”, (which is a curved n) and color it red for his lipstick-smacked frown. Then, using four circle barriers, color two them white :white_circle:(larger than the others) and two more black :black_circle: (smaller than the others) and layer the black ones on top of each white one! Those are his eyes! :eyes: Now, don’t forget to use a square barrier for his small yet visible neck! (This is funny!) Now you’re done; go to the next step and it should look something like this:
Screenshot 2024-02-05 1.39.53 PM

Step 5

Add some special details for the character! Add some slanted eyebrows to imply anger, add a text box and use a RULER emoji and place it on his hands for the cool chasing effect! :straight_ruler:You can add anything else you’d like; but you’re done! Enjoy this amazing yet easy guide! (Now your worse fears won’t just be him chasing you; it’s just looking at him!)
Screenshot 2024-02-05 2.09.24 PM

:checkered_flag:And that’s all for this guide! Hopefully, you have created your own gigantic Baldi! The game is going to be released soon, (no promises), and I look forward to seeing Gimkit Creators making their original 'Basics art! More guides are coming soon!:balloon:

Happy Gimkitting! :tada:
Love’s out!


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this is nice, but I think step 1 should be broken up into more steps.

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Nice guide! I agree with @GimSolver; You might want to add more to show how you do it.

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might want to change it so the barriers are not translucent
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also giving tints help people know the color

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Nice getting tips from real artists! :slight_smile:

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maybe make his neck, legs, and arms a little chubbier?

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Baldi has a question: what is 34,544,352,345x65,213,234,990?

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Sorry for the late response. I haven’t finished it just yet–I got some suggestions to break down the steps more and clean it up a bit.



Some very snazzy art @California_Love!