Baldi's Basics Guides--- Hallways & Doors [Difficulty: 🟦]

Welcome to another Baldi’s Basics guide! This series of guides will be teaching you how to make a Baldi’s Basics game in Gimkit Creative. :hammer_and_wrench: Since this guide continues off another guide, if you haven’t read the previous ones, that is recommended. Previous guides are below!

:spiral_notepad:Before starting, I’d like to give credit to @Haiasi because later on in this post I will link to a guide his solution :white_check_mark: on the topic.

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Without further ado, let’s get started on this amazing guide! (Baldi’s not here to witness this, so don’t worry!) This guide will be teaching you how to make hallways and doors for your classrooms! :door: Using just a couple of props and terrain, we can jazz up our school! We can even make it functional!

Let’s start by making some hallways. Using the same terrain as your classroom, (or something different if you choose!) let’s make halls. You can do that by laying out terrain at least 3x4 in length and width. (It would be too TIGHT for Baldi to chase you, or vice versa!) Have them go different directions, instead of everything going in one direction! That’d be even scarier than ever! It should look something like THIS:

It looks kinda empty, huh? Well, let’s add something that’s in EVERY hallway: billboards and posters! Let’s just make billboards! Just search up BLACKBOARD in the props, and place it at the edge of the hallway intersection, on both sides.

Using text, write whatever you want that could go on the billboard, and make sure the text is white (or whatever color players will be able to see) and layer it ON TOP off the blackboards. There are guides to layering, so make sure you look at those if you don’t know how to do it.

What else do you need to make this school look not boring? LOCKERS! Yes, we need lockers, and we need to IMPROVISE! Since we don’t have lockers in GKC, let’s use the next best thing: SAFES! They look just like lockers, and they can be available in different colors: grey :white_large_square: and black :black_large_square:! You can use the same color safes for each side, or you can use different ones. You can even color tint them to make them different colors!

You can make these lockers functional with some simple wiring and easy block code. First, place down a button that isn’t visible in game, in front of a locker of your choice. Next, add some terrain behind the locker and add a teleporter. Wire the button to the teleporter: Button pressed :arrow_right: Teleport player here. Now it’s like the player can hide behind the locker!
Screenshot 2024-01-12 8.24.27 AM
Screenshot 2024-01-12 8.24.16 AM
If you only want it so that players can only hide for a specific amount of time, you can use this guide: How do you make a counter increase every second?
Now for the doors, just have a barrier and a button that has a good hitbox on the barrier. Using a WIRE :electric_plug:, connect the BUTTON to the BARRIER, (Button pressed :arrow_right: deactivate barrier). The real fun of this is that since the door is opened, any player (including Baldi!) can earn notebooks, and eventually escape! But that’s only players’ responsibilities!

Additional Tricks/Tips

:spiral_calendar:Continuing from the previous guide, you can make it so that when the barrier is unlocked, (or button pressed) it activates the Questioneer. And if you’re an advanced creator, make it so that when the button is pressed, it runs a check to see if the player is on a certain team, and when the check fails, it opens a popup that says, “Baldi isn’t allowed to open the door.”
You can do that using this guide: How to open doors with items (Difficulty: 2/10 :green_square:)

:checkered_flag:And that’s all for this guide! Hopefully, you have created your own classroom and schoolhouse! The game is going to be released soon, and I look forward to seeing Gimkit Creators making their own! Go and collect some notebooks (knowledge) before Baldi beats you to it! *He’s extremely slow, but don’t tell him I said that! :wink: More Baldi’s Basics guides are coming soon, too! :triangular_ruler:

Happy Gimkitting! :tada:


As a person who’s played baldi’s basics im impressed and also scared to know he’s still hunting me down :0


This guide is very well formatted, good job! (What’s Baldi’s basics?)

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Thank you. It’s alright, he’s not going to. I’m making the ultimate guide very soon, so–yeah. Thanks.

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In Baldi’s Basics, you collect notebooks and try to escape the schoolhouse affter collecting all 7 notebooks. Baldi is the teacher chasing you with a ruler. There are characters trying to stop you like a broom and a girl that wants to play jump rope with you.


Baldi’s Basics is a game where a person tries to collect notebooks to escape his school. He chases the person, threatening a spanking with a ruler. Along the way, there are characters that sometimes help and trap you.

Oop, sorry.
Baldi’s Basics Wiki


Baldi’s Basics is a game where you collect notebooks and try to escape from baldi after you solved 2 notebooks. If you get all 7 notebooks, you have to run and find the exit as soon as possible. There are also fake exits, and you need to find the real one.


Erm…thank you….


epic, my idea for a completed version is that you could invite your friends and its one person the person dude getting the notebooks and the rest the characters


You inspired me to create a game! Do you need me to credit? :)


Um—alright. I’m glad you were inspired!

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plus he gets faster every time you get a question wrong.

usually its the last problem in the classroom


When you get all seven notebooks, the classroom would turn red and Baldi would go very fast, and there would be fake exits. A loud sound would play.


HA! That is actually funny. I don’t why I’m laughing. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:




"Congratulations! You found all seven notebooks! Now all that’s left for you to do is…



Yep, that’s what he says!

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wow, I’ve played baldi’s basics before. really good!


point slope is crazy imo



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