The Ritheked Guide on Scope

This guide will go in-depth on scope, and why we even use scope. If you are a beginner, use this guide:


So, we use scope to make rich interactions like level unlocking and player-player interactions, other than fighting. Some of these include donations, selling and buying goods, and much more! Without scope, we would need a property for each and every person, and that is both memory-intensive and tedious to build.

Basic Scope Usage

We can use scope to make weapon upgrades. We don’t want to buy a legendary snowball launcher for everybody, do we? For this, we use player scoped properties and vending machines. However, in cooperative games like One Way Out, we might want to let everybody have the best weapon. We use global scope for that. However, you might want team upgrades. Team scope serves your needs there!

Intermediate Scope Usage

What if you want someone to trigger something for another team? Like, you want a popup that stuns a certain player or team? You can use relays, the king of scope. Relays switch the scope that it transmits on. They receive on a certain channel with a certain scope and broadcast on a different channel with a different scope. Starting at this level, it might be a good idea to label your channels with the scope of it. My voting system is at the high-end of this level:

Advanced Scope Usage

Now what can be more advanced than the level before? Switching the scope to a USER-SPECIFIED player is on this level. For this, you need player IDs. Here is a guide on that:

Now, switching the scope is not that hard, but you need lots of infrastructure and properties to support this. You use the iterative player id to scroll through the players, displaying the current player’s id’s name on a popup. I used this in my admin options guide:

And there you have it! That is the guide on scope! If you understood the guide then you too can implement player interactions into your games as well!

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