How to "conquer" land?

That is pretty efficient. It just looks really big, but it only consists of 5 devices.

I toned down some things like it detecting what team you are on when you press the button then activating a vending machine depending on which team pressed it, and left out a step about making the team who owns the land only get the notification.

Wire repeaters also don’t take that much memory anyway.

You could have a property for each zone to track the team that owns it and use the scope stream concept to activate and deactivate the zone.

what is scope stream

I made a guide on it. Search up some guides on scope and you’ll find it.

Here, check these out!

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The third one

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the main issue is memory

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That will take very little memory, since those devices don’t take as much memory as others. As Wingwave said, it’s just 5 devices, which won’t even take up 1 percent.

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I guess you have a conquering mechanism. So you have the conquering thing activate a wire repeater that only lets team 1’s wire transmissions through, and the same for team 2. That would save a zone.

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