How to "conquer" land?

I want to make so the map is divided into sections and different teams can take over each part and fight each other for the land

By conquer, do you mean that the first person to step in the land controls it?

no like the land is ether team 1 or 2 or unconquered. The team trying to conquer has to press a button on conquered or unconquered land

also you can sell land for cash

No, I think he means teams have to fight for the land and the winning team conquers it.
I think there is a way, I just don’t know how.

I guess you could have two buttons in the middle, marked team 1 and team 2, and whichever team presses their button could activate a text saying “Land claimed by Team 1/2!” or something

the issue is I want to store who owns the land because I want to have things on the map that only the owner of the land can use

land not map

After the button is pressed you can just use a relay for everyone in team 1 or 2 and connect that to whatever other devices

I also want to make it so there are power ups like when a player enters your land it gives a notification

What do you mean, conquer map?

Connect the button to a zone on that land. Make sure the zone is inactive on game start. Connect the zone to two triggers. Set one trigger to only allow team 1 to trigger it and set the other to only allow team 2. Make both of them inactive on game start. You can have a vending machine somewhere that activates the opposite trigger for that team (so if team 1 has claimed the land, they can use the vending machine to activate the trigger that team 2 can only trigger.) Connect the trigger to a notification device.

Is there a more efficient way I am making a very big map

That is pretty efficient. It just looks really big, but it only consists of 5 devices.

I toned down some things like it detecting what team you are on when you press the button then activating a vending machine depending on which team pressed it, and left out a step about making the team who owns the land only get the notification.

Wire repeaters also don’t take that much memory anyway.

You could have a property for each zone to track the team that owns it and use the scope stream concept to activate and deactivate the zone.

what is scope stream

I made a guide on it. Search up some guides on scope and you’ll find it.

Here, check these out!

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The third one