Sentry Troubles

You can take away their gadgets. If a zone activates on top of them (untested) or if they shoot a prop, you can take their weapon.

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oh okay thanks :))) um yeah
@raeB this might be somthing not working in channels so just use wires for now i guess until people help you fix it

It’s not a glitch, it’s just a misuse of scope.


Yeah um i have no idea how scope works or even what it is so im afraid im of no use in this problem

Please mark a solution, @raeB.

Beginner guide to scope:

The advanced guide to scope:

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Okay thanks!
@raeB do mark a solution.

What does that mean? Why wouldn’t the zone work in theory? Do only wires work for the Sentry? What am I missing in scope? Please help I am really confused.

The channels probably just supports when the actual player when they enter the zone, not the sentry or the channels are buggy

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So what is this scope thing that you are talking about? There is a scope for the player, team, or global. How would that help me?

I’ll give you an example with deactivating a button by pressing another button. Let’s say I press a button. If the deactivation scope of the deactivated button is set to global like it is by default, the button will deactivate for everyone. If it was set for team, it will only deactivate for my team. If it was set to player, it would only deactivate for me.


Yes, I know that. I mean how would it help me figure out why zones aren’t working for sentries? Thank you though.

Not sure. I would say it’s a bug, since that channel is intended to work exactly like how you would set it in wire form.

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Oh ok. Thanks for your help!

I recommend you leave the post open for now, in case there’s a larger issue or someone else knows.


So, does it work now?

Has this been solved or can i still try to help?

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The only way to make sentries do something is by making them shoot. Maybe using a relay checking for an item can work, since the sentry is a copy of a player.


No, you can use zones with wires.

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To do what? And how?

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