Making a math map... I need ideas :)

I was thinking a pop-up.

Oof math… I flunked my last test…

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Noice… I believe that next time, you can strive for success!

mabe use text on props?

He meant popups. From what I understand, you can just hide buttons that connects to a popup?


Maybe blackboard? And books…

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or like if your going for a school theme
like desks, codexes,blackboards,

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you can, you can make a invisible button and connect to
the popup

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you might find some help in this guide.
for design stuff, there might be some help in the replies of this help topic.


Area ideas:

Converging Coastlands
Trigonometry Tundra
Pythagoras Pond
Cubic Cemetery
Hyperbola Highway
Linear Lab
Pi’s Palace


Maybe make calculus the enemy?

hehe for the pond, why don’t we go fishing for math? Hehe…

Love the ideas! :star_struck: Any more though? If not, I can mark a solution.

AIME abyss :frowning:

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Huh? What does that mean? :person_shrugging:

I don’t think they even know calculus notation, no offense.

The American Invitiational Mathematics Examination (which is mean :frowning: )

Sounds horrible to look at. :frowning: No offense though

And yes, I have NO idea what that is. Is that like advanced level or smth
I am going to mark a solution before we go off-topic. Me, mainly :expressionless:

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