Need help with Academy map

My Idea is were you spawn at the acedemy for echo and vortex and if you exell in all of your classes you can graduate to echo or vortex and after that you can go on missions. I need help on what props to use for the acdemy and how to teleport each player to there own private dorm

I suggest explaining what exactly you need


Honestly it just seems like they want ideas, because that is like the main story line, but there are details missing.

And @Firestar1000K for the teleport each player, you would need to have each player assigned to a different team. and then have the function set to each teleporter to that team.

here are some ideas i thought up:

in the classrooms, use a blackboard and white text to symbolize writing.
in the hallways, put up ads and posters for things. (ex: j0in the school blastball team today!)
make different school like things like rulers, pencils, and other materials using props.

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so its like choosing a path right? so what i woold suggest is that there would be dialogue that depending on what you choose to say it gets you vortex or echo points and small minigames that give those points too depending on what team you have chosen and after a timer is up depending on how much vortex or echo points you have you get chosen for that team to go on missions its complicated tho im pretty sure @getrithekd or somebody else can get you a working system like that

for speedy _kd4

hey your name kinda reminds me of an animator kittydog was it? is that what the kittydragon in ur name is based off of? we can talk more on the wix later if you want

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