The Ultimate Guide to when to use wires and channels (UPDATED)

Wires are the basic way of making a cause-and-effect reaction, like so

They have alot of use, like

  • Making a button deactivate when another is pressed
  • Having a teir system requiring the last tier to be bought first
  • Let players teleport with a button

They also have a few downsides, like

  • They cost memory
  • you cant have multiple Causes and effects between 2 devices
  • Can be messy, which can make editing a pain

    (I like wires, maybe a bit too much. They all broadcast the same channel (^_^)/ )
    Channels are like wires, but larger range
    They can be used to
  • Remove a lot of props at once (More then 6)
  • Massive actions that happen with one cause
    But they have a big issue:
    They broadcast to everything
    Wires are like whispering, only the cause is heard by only on effect,
    Channels are like a Megaphone, Anyone can hear the cause, making precise actions harder
    Now for the more-or-less fun stuff

Singal convertor
This is a way of turning a wire/channel into a different channel/wire. this is performed in two ways:

Prop Converter
A prop converter is the cheaper way of converting a channel broadcast into a wire. this is done by setting a prop to hide when a channel is received, and then an outgoing wire with the cause being “when prop hidden”
This has two pros:
Can be an “AND” switch, meaning that duplicate responses don’t happen unless reset
Trigger Converter
Its very similar to a prop converter, but can do channel-channel or wire-channel conversions.
its more expensive in terms of memory, but is much more common among the community.
Wire Duper
This is where you use a wire repeater with litttle delay to have 1 cause have 2 effects. Very useful.
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what is that monstrosity of wires


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Cool guide
(p.s. are you doing wire art? That “thing” of wire seems like art)

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The wires look like it’s some… sign.

Cool guide, btw!

That is my MESH network for a class system. Could of used channel, i knew this but choose not to

This looks good…

aren’t tugs usually wikis? And I think you should always use channels except when you have to use wires…

I know, I should of, I couldnt resist the urge to do it after my other MESH networks

wires are visual, which can help with debugging

you cannot tell me to not use wires

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THATS THE SPIRIT eiqcrmeliutgwhc

Wires are for the weak, and this is wrong:

Just don’t make anything else listen on that channel lol. You make your game, not random stuff.

Nice guide!

How is that quate wrong. your solution is channel isolation

This is a great guide, thanks!

hasn’t this already been done in like the gimkit creative help thing or something? Nice guide though


like what you mean megaphone

It sends the signal out to the whole game

The “trigger converter” you mentioned is what I call a ‘signal pusher,’ and more widely it is capable of taking a signal from one channel and converting it to another. Counters are the cheapest ones so far (unless you use the cursed property pushing method :skull: ).

Overall, good observation!

But yeah, please use channels unless you absolutely have to use wires.

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be better

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what bot lol

Some guides have a bot from gimkit thats says what you do wrong and what you did well

This is from his pixel art guide, shoutout to him

I have said i before and ill say it again
I like wires
Wires are my friends
I like to make MESH networks with wire

GimAI is dead.
And wires are silly. Just plain silly.