Should you use wires or channels?

I am making this because I have looked for other guides and found this. Except it only went over the pr0s and cons of wires and never really talked about channels. So I will do just that and go over why i think channels are better than wires. (please leave suggestions in the comments and notify me (nicely) that there is another guide on this)

Wires are good for beginners because of its easy-to-understand layout. It also shows all of the options you have with the device you are selecting. For channels, you have to go to different tabs in the device (which is not that big of a hassle but wires win this one). The 2 main problems with wires are the mess and the memory. These both can be an issue when you are doing a large project as it can get very close to maxing out your memory in the end and is not visually appealing. This is the one thing channels does not suffer from as it does not take up any memory and has no visual effect on the screen. It would be easier to look at your screen if there was an option to turn off all wires. Channels also include an option to look at all your channels you have made in the current project. This allows you to easily select the channel you created previously instead of typing it all out. There is no limit to channels but wires have a limit of 6 per device.

If you want to use wires that is understandable. Channels are just better and more efficient. That is my opinion though. You guys can decide if it is right. So here is a poll :>

Which Team Are YOU?
  • Team Wires
  • Team Channels
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I made the both is better poll for @Sythic and @Tactician

  • both is better
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I don’t think I missed anything expect block codes but they both can trigger a block code so I decided against it. also I can’t say pr0s?!

here’s more pros and cons about wires (and channels)

wires (pros)

  • wire up a device 6 times (each starting wire must be different and the ending wire must be same)
  • mentioned in gimkit tutorial
  • easy for starters of gimkit creative (you said)
  • it’s visual, which can be useful for debugging

wires (cons)

  • messy if you have too much
  • if you’re making something that has so many wires and you mess up on one little thing, you have to restart all over again
  • can result your computer overheating and lagginess starts to rise

channels (pros)

  • makes the game cleaner
  • channels will not be a part of lagginess or computer overheating
  • can be used in block coding
  • mentioned in gimkit creative documentary

channels (cons)

  • only wire up to a device one time
  • memorizing so many channels can be difficult if you’re making a large game
  • good luck debugging lol

this can be a wiki (it can be edited)

greenbean or me can shut it down anytime

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Memorizing the channel names isn’t a problem if you use descriptive channel names like switchToSpectator or give10HP.


Personally, I’m voting for channels. I don’t get the Team Wire people, no offense.


just realised I voted for the wrong one

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I do something like fish_z2_grey

Wait, if I use/like both what do I vote for?
Edit: im not gonna vote i cant decide now XD


Just vote for the one you think is more convenient.

Wires clutter up your maps, but I think it is totally worth it to edit functionalites easily!

They also take up memory and are an infuriating mess.


Channels all the way. I use wires sometimes still but channels are 100% better.


I tried to add a both option but I can’t edit a poll after the first 5 minutes

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What I do is I would name my devices/props and then create channel based names for them. That way I can still find them without using wires (using layers).


I just name the channel what it does for example in a lifecycle I would name the channel game start if I was using the option game start.


That’s the best way to sort out the channels.


Channels are much better.

But I’m Lazy. So ¯_(ツ)_/¯ It depends on the situation


Personally, I use both.
When it’s most convenient. Like for block code, you have to use channels, as there’s no wires there, but sometimes I just wanna get a small part done quickly and I use wires. So it just depends. Overall though, channels are better.


Actually you can do block code using wires with some devices like the item granter.


while that is true, I do believe they meant inside the block code, not what triggers it (I thinK)


we have already debated this a lot we don’t need a topic for it
generally when making a topic like this it should be something that wasn’t thought of as much before