I need help on site, please don't flag

I can’t find where the channel descriptions are

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channels here


No, this is helpful, but I’m looking for the category descriptions for the forum because I want to ask people to help test my map but I don’t wanna get flagged for posting in the wrong category, thanks!

im confused, codes aren’t allowed on the forum so you couldn’t do that unless you do it on the WIX

Can’t use the WIX, school is mean

Also, thanks, was scanning the FAQ for this

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use wix or padlet

where padlet? Please do tell or link to this forum page.

well im in the DOD padlet but you have to be a dragon to j0in, or have an alliance with them, there may be more padlets that I don’t know about though

Can you go find a padlet for gimkit and test out my game? Look for “Test my Gimkit”

The gimkit creative Padlet that WolfTechnology made would work for that. (As it is pretty active the last time I checked before I got locked out because I would need to sign up but I can’t.)

thank you good person

what is the name of it

I believe they have passcodes

Aw man, that sucks. Thanks though!

not only do they have passcodes, it’s no better than the wix.
you can’t use it if you’re on a school google account.

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I am and it works perfectly fine. The only issue with wix is that you have to refresh to see comments, it lags and you have to wait a few days to be confirmed.

This is off topic, so please remember to mark a solution.


Can you give me the DOD link?
I don’t have it.

uhhh I can’t give you that, talk to Blizzy

this is off-topic though, in fact this entire topic is, lets stop