Ideas for my Embarwall map

Hey there! This is my first time using the community forums. Anyways, I need help adding another aspect to my game called, The Emberwall feif. It’s a capture the flag map, but I made a marketplace and a training arena as well. Any more ideas to add on?

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Check out the capture-the-flag tag, it should help a lot :slight_smile:.
I wouldn’t recommend sharing private information here such as your, you should probably edit it out.

Maybe a place to forge and craft items/weapons into new items/weapons?

[ 📰 ] Resources For Farming

You could also add NPCs and customize them!
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Custom Boss | Difficulty 2/10 🟩
Cool ways to decorate your Custom Bosses(wiki)

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Welcome to the forum @Dragon1!


Welcome to the forum, @Dragon1 !

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