How To Make An Extreme Center of Gravity! [WIP]

Hey! I know I haven’t made guides in a little bit, and that was because of poster’s block… Then I got an idea. This is basically going to be a black hole that you get ‘pulled into’ and can’t go back from. A great trap in space-themed maps!
It’s not actually ‘gravity’, the player has a choice. But with the help of mental tricks, we can MAKE THEM WALK INTO THE TRAP!


Barriers (device)
Ceramic Plate
Speed Modifier
End Game

Step 1

Make a zone (small!) and wire it to two barriers.
Take 2 barriers and set them to Not Visible In-Game. They should also not be activated on game start.
They will be two long barriers in a path-sort of thing:
When player enters zone → activate barriers.

Step 2

Now you need to get a lot of zones that are thin enough to fit in between the path-barriers.
Grab some more barriers that aren’t visible in-game, and they aren’t activated yet.
Wire each zone to a barrier right behind it:
When player enters zone → activate barrier

Step 3A: Optional

Now, this is optional. You can wire a speed modifier to each little zone, and each time you enter the next zone, you run faster and faster.

Step 3B

At the end of this long path, add a ceramic plate tinted 100% black. This plate should have a waypoint that says “A Surprise For You, And Only YOU!” Then, add a button right next to it. The button will say, “Claim Surprise?”
Wire the button to a popup that looks like this:


Fell into a black hole. I mean, you literally walked into it.

Then, a call-to-action:
Aw, man!
Wire that to a end game device.
When primary call-to-action clicked → end game.

Images coming soon!


Wow this is really cool!

Cant wait to see it when it’s finished!

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You should add this to a trap wiki!

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I’ll do it, @EGGacha

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@VoidFluffy But please add some pictures.

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Oh :slight_smile: I didn’t see that :sweat_smile:


Wow! Cool idea! I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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