How to make a moving sentry boss [Patched 😭]

Here is the final product

Now this project Is not easy to do so be prepared for that

Part 1: The materials
for this project you will need

x4 sentries
x4 wire repeaters
x4 zones
x1 ko manger
x1 trigger
x1 starting inventory
x1 spawn pad
x1 inventory manager
x1 property
x1 room custom size
x1 laser

Part 2: The zones, sentries and triggers

First you want to make a room anysize you want it doesn’t matter but make it even
next you want to place a spawn pad next to the room, place a trigger directly on the spawn pad
Next you will want to make 4 even zones to fill up your room (make them touching not overlap). Now place a sentry in the center of each zone. now hock up the trigger to the sentries and change the settings so that they are deactivated when triggered. now you should have a empty room of no sentries when you hit play.

Part 3: Teleporting sentry

Important there is no actual teleporting in this project be aware of that. Now hook up each zone to its specific sentry and have it so that when the player enters the zone activate sentry. now they should just spawn but not go away. Now place a wire repeater next to each sentry, then hook up the zone to the wire repeater so that it is when the player leaves zone, repeat the pulse. Then hook up the repeater to the sentry and have it when wire pulse repeated deactivate sentry, do this for all of them, now they should teleport and go away.

Part 4: The permanent knock out

Now place a starting inventory device and have it give you any weapon you want it doesn’t matter. Now place a ko manager and click on it and change the settings so that it listens for sentry knock outs, now have it grant you an item that you have not used before, this is so that the other sentries will never respawn. Then place an inventory manager and have it listen for that item, when that item changes make it so that it changes a property, now place a property and name it whatever you want, now make sure the property is a number property not a text. now hook up the property to all the ZONES and have it so that when the property changes deactivate the ZONE, now your sentry should stay dead when killed

Part 5: Lockout lasers and visual effects

For the laser just place it at the entrance of you room and hook it up to the trigger so that when the player triggers the trigger deactivate sentry, now click on the zone the entrance is at and hook it up to the laser so that when the player enters zone it activates the trigger. Now place a teleporter on each sentry (THIS IS FOR VISUAL EFFECT DO NOT PROGRAM ANY GROUPS), now you should be DONE hope this was helpful.


Nice guide!

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Very nice guide! Couldn’t you wire the sentries to deactivate each other when knocked out?

tried that they just kept respawning, I had to deactivate the zones to prevent them from spawning

My bad i did the guide wrong I fixed it now with the bolded words

my battle royale map could use this for the more difficult bosses but I’m really lazy right now

Hello! Instead of using a tag, place an emoji in your title to indicate the difficulty of the guide!

This doesn’t work anymore, right?

I think so :sob:


what does bbsi mean?
Bring Back Sentry Inhostility?
Buy Big Silver Ingots?


Bring back sentry interactions…
Mods removed them

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ahh… 75% right :[. Thank You!

Please add pics! I’m have trouble understanding it without pics.

Do you see how the title says (Patched) in it? That means it doesn’t work anymore. Josh took out sentry interactions, because he said that he didn’t add them on purpose. Now that they’re removed, it doesn’t work.

Sadly, another #bbsi


What was sentry interaction?

Dropdown to unonebox the links to make it shorter although it is still quite long

Actually, it was Device-Sentry interactions. (DSI)

Check out these posts/topics
Sentry shenanigans
Stationary Projectiles - #31 by ClicClac
The Sentry, Our Friend, Friendly No Longer
The Ultimate Guide to Sentries! [Patched]
(Patched) Mini Guide - How to remove sentry gadgets
(Patched) How to Make a Sentry Move while carrying damage over! (🟩)

To sum it up, people realized sentries were able to interact with devices (one of the first or the first devices people to interact with sentries were zones through the no-fire zone setting) so then, people came up with a theory and people made posts about if sentries were able to interact with devices and the theory was confirmed.
Then, people discovered that they could also interact with other devices such as Props, Teleporters, Relays and Item Granters.
(Teleporters, Relays and Item Granters are secondary devices that affect sentries as they don’t affect sentries directly, but can affect sentries when an event happens causing it to run an action)


So using the no-fire zones you could make “friendly” sentries?

Yeah, killable sentries that couldn’t kill you as long as you weren’t standing in the no-fire zone because that would also disable your weapon. (not the same as here_to_help’s guide)


sigh all in the past.