Sentry shenanigans

Continuing the discussion from Stationary Projectiles:

You might be able to switch a sentries team in-game.

Does the sentry respawn in game?

@getrithekd has suggested @Blackhole927 look into the class files on sentries.


I’ll check. Just use the setup that I had. I’ll change the respawn time.


Let’s see if I can ally with a sentry when he destroys a prop…

Healing sentries would be cool for a boss fight…

Yes that would be cool! Do sentries have a health limit?

Wait, what about the knockout manager? If someone gets knocked out by a sentry, could things happen. And what happens when we give sentries weapons?

Maybe. This opens up the possibility of AI!

Weapon granter: denied
Team switcher: denied

Team switcher: ACCEPTED!

What if you take the original weapon away?

What?! No! Wait, what is happening? I have to test this for myself.

Wait… Two conflicting results…

Actaully, I forgot…
Let me try now.

This switches the sentry to team 2.

It stops attacking team 2, and attacks team one after it destroys the prop.

My sentry just disappears… doesn’t reappear.

This is what happens when you replace the team switcher with a item granter that takes the weapon away.

He is TRULY friendly.

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