The Ultimate Guide to Sentries! [Patched]

Why do Sentries deserve their own TUG? Well if you haven’t read this:

[Patched, Sentry-Device interactions no longer possible :saluting_face:]


Recently users have discovered that sentries can do so much more than just be an attacker! They discovered that you can do special things, like: remove their gadget with an item granter, switch the sentries team, and many more! How do these things work exactly?

In order to steal a gadget from a Sentry you need the following:


A prop(for the sentry to attack). A sentry(obviusly). A item granter(for the sentry to get his reward or something not rewarding...) And there you have it! Three simple ingredients! Now let's get building!

Have the sentry placed near the prop(whichever you want), but make sure the prop can be damaged! Have the prop be wired to the item granter like so: Prop destroyed —> Grant item. It should take away the gadget that the sentry has, so it should be(if you have a slingshot for the sentry’s gadget) granting a slingshot(must be the same rarity as the one that the sentry has) as -1. This will take away the gadget that the sentry has; thus making a real NPC(that’s friendly)! Now try it out! Walk near the sentry and watch it attack the prop(and you), but notice when the prop is destroyed, the sentry losses its item! And there you have it folks! Now you can make a much better NPC!

Coming soon…

Credits: Me, Gimkit team, @ClicClac, @getrithekd, @Here_to_help, @Cameron_Sharer, @mysz, @Blackhole927, @wingwave, @Haiasi, @kyro, @Pika_Pokemon, Grey_Stone and Thats_Gimpossible. Man that was a lot of names…(10 @ user limit…)



Should this be a TUG? Or what else should it be instead?

What is TUG? I just figured out what WIP is

TUG is The ultimate guide.

Oh. YES, this should be a tug, then!

Nice job! This is pretty cool!

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In the credits part, it mentions you.


Of course I’m the 11th name… Still, great guide! This looks like it will turn out to be an excellent guide. Thanks!


It is because I went in order on how people started to contribute, and thanks!

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@here I made it a wiki for people to edit and help me with it.

Sadly, sentries aren’t affected by lasers. If they could, you could have dropped items all over the map. Also, TUGs don’t have difficulties.


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