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Wire Repeater

By CringeKarlScott:
Screenshot 2023-10-07 at 08-36-50 Gimkit - live learning game show
The wire repeater is actually quite a simple device, really. Maybe even the very simplest. It has no devices options, and so can only be used with wires. Despite its name, it is nothing like the repeater device.

Basically, let’s say you wanted to have a call to action button on a popup that when clicked, closed the popup, and you didn’t want to use channels, for some reason.

Well, you can’t wire a device to itself, so what you could do is wire the popup to the wire repeater. You’ll notice that they’re aren’t any options for what you want the wire repeater to do, it’ll always “repeat the wire pulse.”

What this means is that you can then wire the wire repeater back to the popup, and have it close the popup.

Basically, the wire repeater just continues a wire pulse, but from a different device, keeping any data the wire had, such as a triggering player. This is super useful for if you want to wire something to itself or you’ve reached the maximum of six wires coming out of one device (just swap one of the wires for a wire to a wire repeater, and then you can have six more wires coming out of that!).

And that’s the wire repeater!


By Blizzy

This is the barrier device. It is used(usually) to block or seal off areas. It can also be used to color areas, like if you are making lava, you could put an orange no-collision non-transparent barrier over gray water(Idea by @WolfTechnology).

The barrier has 4 sections: Featured, Appearance, Availability, and All Options.


  • Barrier Shape: Rectangle or Circle
  • Active on Game Start: Yes or No; Active on start or not
  • Barrier Color: Pretty much every one


  • Barrier Shape: See Featured
  • Barrier Color: See Featured
  • Alpha: Transparency Level
  • Show Border: Yes or No; Show or don’t Show border
  • Visible in Game: Yes or No; Visible or not


  • Active on Game Start: See Featured
  • Active Scope: Yes or No; If deactivating or activating applies for all players, one team, or one player
  • Activate when receiving on: Channel; when channel is broadcasted, activate barrier
  • Deactivate when receiving on: Channel; when channel is broadcasted, deactivate barrier

All Options:
All of the above

Change Size:
Screenshot 2023-10-07 at 12.45.11 PM
Located at the bottom left corner of editing screen when clicking on barrier
Drag corners to resize barrier. As of the December 11 update, barriers can now be rotated.

Barriers can only be wired to, not wired from. They have to options to choose from: Activate Barrier and Deactivate Barrier.

More Info:
Barrier Devices take up 20 memory


By Blizzy

The Notification Device is pretty overlooked, you know? Some guides use them, but barely any.
Sections in Notification: Featured, and All options. Also, Blocks is in the corner.

I will just go straight to All Options:

  • Notification Title: Text Input, will be bold, top of Notification
  • Notification Content: Text Input, below Title, normal text
  • Send Notification when receiving on: Channel Text Input
  • Notification Type: Dropdown Menu, See Types of Notifications
  • Notification Placement: Dropdown Menu, Options: Top Right, Top Left, Bottom Right, Bottom Left
  • Notification Duration: Dropdown Menu; Options: Auto(Time set by creators), or Specific Time Amount(Set by self)
  • Send Notification To: Dropdown Menu, See Sending Notifications

Types of Notifications





Send Notification To
Triggering Player: Player who triggered and sent the notification
All on Triggering Player’s Team: Everyone who is on the Player who triggered and sent the notification’s team
All on Triggering Player’s Team, except for Triggering Player: Everyone who is on the Player who triggered and sent the notification’s team, except for the Triggering Player
Everybody: Every player in game

If you want to know more about blocks, see this.

Go to the Blocks interface, look at the two boxes. On wire pulse means when the notification has a wire leading from something to the notification, and the object is sending a pulse through the wire connection. The channel one is when a certain channel is broadcasted. Anyways, click on the wire pulse one. I will be guiding you on the extra blocks that will only be able to be used on the Notification device.

The one block, I mean.

Click on ‘For this Device’ in the blocks interface. Look at the block. It looks like this:
Screenshot 2023-10-08 at 12.06.48 PM

The ‘Title’ and the ‘Content’ section will set the notification title and content to whatever you put there.
Yes, it’s that simple.

Well, @Blizzy is out!


By CringeKarlScott.
Screenshot 2023-10-07 at 13-00-01 Gimkit - live learning game show
The text device.

One of the most used devices in Gimkit Creative, possibly the most used.

And for good reason.

Text is an essential for all Gimkit games, and the device not only is how you create text (obviously), but is the best device for general block code, allows you to create some custom images , and so much more, with only 60 memory . Now, without further ado, let’s get right into explaining how this amazing device works, and everything you can do with it.

Alright, so, obviously, the main purpose of the text device is to, well, create text, so let’s go over the settings that allow you to do just that, section by section.


  • Text (Set the text to display ): Text input, maximum 256 characters

  • Text Size (Set the font size ): Number input, minimum 6, maximum 140

  • Content Scope (When the content of the text changes, who does it apply to? ): Dropdown menu (options: global, player, or team)


  • Text Size: see Featured

  • Font (*Select the font for the text): Dropdown menu (options: Roboto,Staatliches, Rubik, Galindo, Kalam, Bangers, Fugaz One, Outfit, PT Mono)

  • Text Color: color input

  • Alpha (set the transparency of the text. 1 is fully visible, 0 is invisible. ):Number input (minimum 0, maximum 1)


  • Visible on Game Start (Should the text be visible when the game starts? ):Dropdown menu (options: Yes or No)

  • Show text when receiving on (Show the text when the device receives a signal from the selected channel ): Text input (must be name of channel)

  • Hide text when receiving on (Hide the text when the device receives a signal from the selected channel ): Text input (must be name of channel)

So that’s all the device options for the Text device!

The Text device does have a Change Size button (see “The Change Size button”).

The Text device’s Change Size button allows you to move, resize, and rotate the text.

Now for some wire interactions!

For wires going into the device, there are three options you can select:

  • Show text: shows the text, making it visible in-game

  • Hide text: hides the text, making it invisible in-game

  • Run wire pulse block: runs the device’s “on wire pulse…” block, if one has been created

You cannot create wires going out of the Text device.

And finally, blocks!

The Text device is compatible with blocks, and therefore has a “Blocks” tab accessible on the left side of the screen when in the editing menu.

This is one of the things that makes the device so useful for general block coding - it takes up little memory, won’t mess with anything else in your game, and can have both a “when receiving on channel…” block and an “on wire pulse…” block!

Er, I guess that’s all you need to know about it for blocks…

Now as a little extra thing, remember earlier when I mentioned creating custom images with the Text device? Well, the way to do that is quite simple: just put emojis in the text! This allows you to get any emoji in your GKC game!

This quirk was first discovered by @BlueBear in this guide.

Anyways that all I have got for the text device, CringeKarlScott out!

Laser Beam

By Haiasi:
The Laser Beam is a device that can damage players that step on the laser.


Damage Dealt:

Damage Dealt to players that step on the laser


Once you place a laser beam, there are 2 styles you can choose from.
Screenshot 2023-10-24 205945
The first one, also called “Standard” is a sci-fi-looking laser beam and is automatically selected when you place one.

The second one, also called “Plant” is a laser beam with two rose bushes (:rose:) on the top and bottom of the laser beam.

Laser Color:

Allows you to change the color of the beam fired by the Laser Beam.

Active On Game Start:

Allows you to change whether the Laser Beam is active on game start.
Choose “yes” to make it be activated on game start and “no” for it to be deactivated
(“Yes” is chosen by default)

Group Name:

Allows you to assign a Laser to a group controlled by the Laser Beam Manager (featured in tugted 2)
to activate/deactivate multiple lasers at once.


When Player hit, transmit on

Allows you to broadcast a channel to another device when a player is hit by the Laser Beam.

Activate When Receiving on:

Activates the Laser Beam once receiving on a certain channel.

Deactivate When Receiving on:

Deactivated the Laser Beam once receiving on a certain channel.

All Options:

Show Path:

When the Laser Beam is inactive, show a dotted line.
Look in-game:

Show Start Point:

Allows you to show or hide the start point.
Click “yes” to show it and “no” to hide it.
Look in-game (“Show Start Point” to “no”)

Show End Point:

Allows you to show or hide the end point.
Click “yes” to show it and “no” to hide it.
Look in-game: (“Show End Point” to “no”)


If you hide the start point, end point and make the Laser Color black, it goes invisible.
Look in Editing Mode:


by @Coral
The checkpoint is a newly added device.
The checkpoint serves as a spawn point for when a player touches it.
Visible in game: Will the players be able to see the checkpoint, if yes they know that they hit it, if no they will not know that the pushed the button!
Times it can be activated, if the player hits it once, will the checkpoint be gone, if you set it to infinite, then the checkpoint will never be gone!
Activate when receiving on ____
When the checkpoint receives on a channel, it will set the spawn point to where the checkpoint is located!
Deactivate when receiving on _____
Deactivates the checkpoint once receiving a signal from said channel.
Wires out Checkpoint activated ------ Action
When a player hits the checkpoint, will something happen
Wires in Action done ---- Set as active checkpoint
When an action is done, will it set this as the players spawn point!
This device looks cool, and the function is cool! What will you do with this? Create a galaxy, or make a long RPG game?
It also plays a sound effect when you step on it, kinda like a bubble popping.

Damage Boost

By Haiasi:

The Damage Boost is a device that, you guessed it, can boost a player’s damage by x # for a set amount of time!

Boost Amount

When a player deals damage, multiply the output by x.

Boost Duration

Allows you to change how long the boost lasts for when activated from either a wire or channel (the damage boost device cannot wire to other devices, only from other devices.)

Wires In:

(Wires In) > Activate Damage Boost

(Wires In) > Deactivate Damage Boost


Activate When Receiving On:

Activate the Damage Boost when receiving a signal from a channel

Deactivate Boost When Receiving On:

Deactivate The Boost When Receiving a signal from a channel



The long awaited damager device is finally here! It allows you to damage players and can be used for creating a damaging zone such as in battle royale games, as well as create some pretty cool effects.

These are it’s settings:

Damage Amount

In-game Desription: The amount of damage dealt to the player.
Max damage is 10000 damage and minimum is 1. The default damage number preset by Gimkit is 15 damage.


Damage player when receiving on

In-game Description: Damage the triggering player when the device receives a signal from the selected channel.
Basically it allows the user to input a channel that when broadcast or run will trigger the damager.


Knockout Activity Feed Message

In-game Description: When the damage applied knocks out a player, this message will be displayed in the activity feed. Use {name} to insert the player’s name.
This is a unique setting currently only applicable for the damager. It allows you to display a custom Activity Feed message when someone gets knocked out by the damager. This also supports color tags!



by @raeB

Crafting Table

By CassiusDoomlorde

The operation of this device is the same as walking up to a Farmchain plot. You press enter or tap to enter a sidebar of all the recipes. Each recipe can be inspected. The recipes come from Crafting Recipe devices placed on the map. The item is shown slowly appearing on top of the table.

The first option is an aesthetic toggle between Crafting Table and Farming Plot.

The second setting is crafting scope (is the table crafting/finished).

The third setting is the table group. This controls what recipes can be crafted there. Only recipes with a matching group can be crafted.

The next tab is the channel tab. The channel outputs are ‘When Item Begins Crafting’, ‘When Item Finishes Crafting’, ‘When Item is Collected’, and ‘When Item Expires’.

Crafting Recipe

By CassiusDoomlorde

The first setting for this device is the item crafted. All items, consumables, and gadgets are craftable.

The next setting is the quantity of items crafted.

The third setting is the number of different item types required to craft. This can be from one to five.

The fourth setting is the required item.

The fifth is the quantity of that item.

Settings four and five are duplicated so you have as many of the fields as is required by setting three.

The other settings are in the ‘Details’ section.

The first of these is the time that the item takes to craft. Values are Instant, 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 30 seconds, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 15, and 20 minutes.

The second is a toggle for whether the item expires.

The third is the time after crafting that the item will expire. The values are the same as the crafting time, but Instant through 4 seconds are not there.

The final value is the group that the recipe belongs to, which determines which tables it can be crafted at.


By Cellofive
Setting to change looks


Also the ability to use channels, have a unique identifier for waypoints,
And weapon hit the ball farther depending on the weapon

Ball Capture Zone

By Haiasi
The Ball Capture Zone device (from blastball, not to be confused with the Ball device which is above) was added on February 2, 2024 (USA) but was changed to the 5th for the next school day.


Respawn Ball
Should the ball respawn upon entering the zone?
Respawns the ball when entering the zone. If set to ‘no’, the ball stays in the zone upon entering the zone.*


Visible In-Game
Is the zone visible to players during the game? *
If set to ‘no’, it will not be visible in-game, but players can still score and the style does not affect whether it is visible or not.

Goal Side:
Which side the goal faces

Zone Style
Allows you to pick the style of the Ball Capture Zone.
[The style does not affect whether it is visible in-game or not.]

’Zone Style’ set to ‘None’:
Shows a Zone with a Ball in the middle.

‘Zone Style set to ‘Blastball Goal’:*

(Note: When choosing this option, the ‘Goal Side’ Default setting is set to ‘Right.’ For the setting, scroll down below.)

’Zone Style’ set to ‘Blastball Goal’ and facing to the left side:

Background Color:
Allows you to change the Background Color (Borders) of the zone.

Background Alpha:
Set the transparency of the barrier. 0 is completely transparent, 1 is completely visible.
Allows you to set a Background Alpha for the ‘Ball Capture Zone’.
This setting does not affect the visibility of the Ball Capture Zone.


When ball enters the zone, transmit on
When the ball enters the zone, the device sends a signal on the selected channel.

Activate zone when receiving on:
Activate the zone when the device receives a signal from the selected channel


Wires In:

When this event occurs…
(Device) When this event occurs… —> (Ball) Activate/Deactivate Zone

Wires Out:

*When this event occurs…Run this action…
(Ball) Ball Enters Zone —> (Device) Run this action…

Item Image

by: the 7th dragon
The Item Image Device can display a 2d image of an in-game item.

Clicking on ‘Outline’ will show a color swatch

Item Image (Without Item Selected)
this is pretty self explanatory
not too hard to get, especially if someone’s read all the other devices…

Player Coordinates

==Created By: harharharhar83==
Device Name: Player Coordinates
Memory Cost: 3,500 (~3% memory)
Limit: 1

When player position changes transmit on… When the player’s position changes transmit on a channel.
Update Properties - Yes or No
X Position Property… Set this to the name of a property (must be a number property and player scoped)
Y Position Property… Set this to the name of a property (must be a number property and player scoped)

When player position changes… When the player’s position changes run these blocks.

Camera Point

Created by Grey_Stone & jon_gon
Memory: 100; 0.1% of the maximum
Limit: 1,000,000 (I tested)
A camera point is a device that allows you to view a location without moving. This can be used by using wires or channels to activate and deactivate it. But wiring a game overlay button to a camera point (game overlay pressed- activate camera point) and another game overlay that deactivates the camera point (game overlay pressed- activate game overlay), you can make this:

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Change Size Button

Screenshot 2023-10-07 at 12.45.11 PM
When clicking on some devices, you’ll see this button at the bottom left corner of the editing screen. Each device on this guide says whether or not it has a change size button.

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Parts of TUGTED

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Part 2: [ 📜 ] The Ultimate Guide to Every Device Part 2!
Part 3: (Currently here)

Open Devices to Edit

The following devices are open to add:

  • Text (taken by @CringeKarlScott) (DONE)
  • Barrier (taken by @Blizzy) (DONE)
  • Laser Beam (taken by @Haiasi) (DONE)
  • Notification (taken by @Blizzy) (DONE)
  • Wire Repeater (taken by @CringeKarlScott) (DONE)
  • Ball (taken by @Cellofive, DONE)
  • Ball Capture Zone (taken by @Haiasi, DONE)
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Extra Resources

These are extra guides to learn more about device-specific ideas.
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