The Sentry, Our Friend, Friendly No Longer

The new updates to gimkit are very strange. All kinds of things are happening such as Gims being wacky and the sentries especially being wacky. Bad news for all the people who used zones to make “friendly sentries”: SENTRIES NO LONGER ARE FRIENDLY WHEN THEY ARE IN A ZONE. This means that sentries are no longer affected by zones. I don’t know if this is a bug or not, but this essentially makes the zone method useless now. However, thankfully destroyed props still affect the Sentry, making it friendly. Any thoughts anyone?

Here are some pictures:
The Sentry is still attacking me even though I used the zone to make it “friendly”

Prop destroyed “Friendly sentry”

Update: The sentries sprites are fine now, however, yeah, the zapper sentry is not friendly. I fear that the friendly sentry might be a bug that will be patched later on.


What we know about sentries

  • Sentries can be affected by zones. 0ct. 13, 2023 - Layering makes no difference above the sentry or below it. However they must be knocked out for this to work.

  • Sentries are not restricted by the no gadgets fired in the zone setting for zones.


  • Sentries can no longer be affected by devices :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

let me test. this is got to be wrong… I did so much work…

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I hope so because that would make my friendly sentries hurt me. And I have a lot of them that I used this method on.

nNOoOOO Tower defense is ruined

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can’t you just make the sentry on your team?

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yes, but this removes the weapon entirely and that is good for aesthetic purposes.

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Yes, but it will still attack others. For it to be truly friendly, it would need to have zero gadgets.

Also the prop destroying one is very tedious. At least for me. You don’t know how many screenshots that I had to take to capture the sentry attacking me and destroying the popup.

@Thats_Gimpossible weapons stay on the sentry though
edit: wait, tower defence? then i have no idea
@raeB i get it now

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This has been resolved! Let us know if you experience this or other bugs. Thanks so much!


Why aren’t the sentries friendly though? Is that a bug or something? @Jeffo

It seems like the zone-friendly fire is also broken for players (I tested it)

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Wait so the no gadgets fired zone does not work?

Yeah I just checked it out and it didn’t work for all weapons that I tested with.

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Yep I can confirm. Sentries are no longer affected by zones.

My mistake! The Gim issue is resolved.

Can someone clearly write up the sentry issue in a few sentences? Bonus point if you can give steps to reproduce.


The issue was that sentries could still shoot in no gadget fire zones - same with players, in addition zones that are triggered by sentries seem to not work.
You can test this out by using a weapon of any kind in a no gadget fire zone.

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sentries used to be able to interact with zones, and this was used in many games. now they can’t.


The Sentry Issue by @raeB (my most detailed guide yet)

@Jeffo Right now, the sentry is not affected by zones. Everyone @here is not sure if this is intentional or not.

Friendly (NOT) Sentry tutorial

Objective: Find out if the Sentry can be made friendly or not using zones.

Here’s what you will need:

  • 1 sentry (The sentry is an AI entity that automatically seeks and attacks nearby enemies.)
  • 1 zone (The player zone is a device centered around the player. It tracks the players, their whereabouts (are they in or out), and allows the players to interact with it. For example item drop, item disposal, and gadget fireability (Merriam-Webster please hire me :rofl:)
  • 1 item granter (Grants players items and can remove them too. Includes block code)

Step 1:

  • What Step 1 Covers:
    You will set up the devices that will facilitate the test.

Place down the item granter, the zone, and the Sentry. Place the sentry under the zone. Place the item granter preferably near the zone and sentry.
When you’re done, the setup should look like this: image
(Bonus points if you mess with the layering)

Step 2:

  • What Step 2 Covers:
    • You set up the item granter device to remove a gadget from entities entering the zone you placed earlier.

Go to settings for the item granter and for “amount to grant” set it to -1 and for the item to grant, grant the gadget that the sentry is currently using. Set the item granted to “Zapper, common”

What you did in Step 2:

(This sentry’s gadget is the common zapper)

Step 3:

  • What Step 3 Covers:
    • Wire the zone to the item granter

This one’s a short step. Go to layers and set the zone to be above the sentry. Click Z (creates a wire). Wire the zone to the item granter. (When player enters zone → grant item)

You may wonder why can’t I just use channels? Theoretically speaking channels should work better, save memory, and should also work. Well they don’t. Check out: Sentry Troubles for a more clear example.

Here’s what your setup should look like after Step 3:


Step 4:
Test the game out!

I hope you like this guide! I worked really hard on this so a like would be much appreciated. More to come soon. PS Could you please show this to Josh?

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Well, in regular tower defense games, there isn’t a special weapon.

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