(Patched) Mini Guide - How to remove sentry gadgets

How to remove sentry gadgets

The first small guide I have ever made lol

This has probably been discovered before, however if you use a similar technique to teleporting Sentries you can remove the gadget that a sentry holds! Here is how to do it:

  1. Put down a sentry, zone, and a item granter
  2. Connect a wire from the zone to the item granter
  3. Make the item granter remove 1 of the item the sentry is holding

It should look similar to this when done:

This is what it looks like in game:

With this I tried to give the sentry another item, however it doesn’t seem to be able to do so…

Enjoy doing whatever you want with this information!


I never knew about this!!! This is revolutionary!

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Yeah, I can’t exactly think of anything interesting you could do with it off the top of my head, however it should be able to at least help with the look of passive Sentries for NPC characters and stuff.


this is so great! ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ

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Wowee! I didn’t know that this would work! @Wumpus, you’re amazing!

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This works because the sentry is just a copy of the player.


Great Tutorial! I can use this for my maps!

If a sentry is just a copy of a player , then can it do everything a player can do?

Autocorrect is bad.

Yes, I think so.

So another way to perform actions on a sentry is to relay for all players on a team.

Nice discovery lol. I also tried to do this before your guide but it didn’t work because I didn’t use zones ;/

Not everything though (atleast that’s what i think)


Apparently you can also get a sentry name by using the same zone technique, and using a get player name script in a trigger!

That was fast lol. Fastest i ever read and The Wampus from Discord or NitroType?

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looks like the discord one.

please stay on topic Cyan.

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sorry my bad. won’t happen again.

Thank you, and your ok, its just teh mods have been a bit strict on off-topic chatting so i would advise to be careful.


alright. Thank you for the warning.


!!! THAT WORKS? !!! :hushed:

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