The Hiring Series [PLAYER EDITION] | patched?

Hi! Unexpected, right? I’ve seen questions about hiring sentries, but has anyone that about ‘hiring’ players? I’ll be showing you how now.

First of all, the players do NOT need to follow your exact ‘orders’, they can help anyone else. Of course, if you want, I can make a guide about that, which might not work. Notify me if you want one.

Starting… NOW.

Hiring a Player

First, make a cute counter. Not like the device. Like this:

If you’re wondering why the sentry has no device, look at this.

Put a button in front of the table. Set it like this:

Make a relay like this:

Wire the button to the relay, triggering it.

Make another relay with these settings ^.
Wire the first relay to the second, triggering the second relay.
Also, if you want the player to have something to hire, like money, you can just add a checker, wiring the button to the checker ,then the checker to the relay.

Make a property like this:

Wire the relay to a trigger like this:

Wire the button to this trigger.

Make a new trigger’s blocks like this. It depends on how many teams you have, the number, I mean(The number is the team number):

You can add as many else-ifs as you want, depending on the number of teams you have.

Make a team switcher for each of your teams, something like this:


You got that stuff from before?
Make a zone you spawn in. Make it set a player-scoped number property called “Origin” to the player’s team number by using a counter(player-scoped) that updates Origin.

The zone will transmit on “Original”. Make a trigger like this in blocks(receiving on Original):

Make a button like this:

Make a trigger somewhat like this, and wire the button to the trigger:

You’re done now!


Nice guide! Sentries are getting a lot more depth to them!


I know this guide is great! I just wish they could walk…

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This isn’t sentries. This is players.

Wow! This is a great guide!

What if I don’t have a cute counter?

it doesn’t really matter

I’m adding unhiring to this

This is a thing! cool!

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Yeah, nice job so far!

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@Blizzy can you make it to were you can hire a sentry?

I think there salready is a guide like that

oh, well thats good to know.

I finally had the heart to finish this.


Wow, nice job! This is a pretty good guide!

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Amazing guide!

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