(Patched) How to Make a Sentry Move while carrying damage over! (🟩)

This guide no longer works, as the lastest update has rendered this guide useless.

Sentries are once again able to go through teleporters in platformer mode, so yay.

Did you know that sentries are subject to entering zones and teleportals?
Well today, I will be using that mechanic to create a sentry that will move from place to place while carrying damage over.

What you need:
Sentry x1
Zone x2
Wire Repeater x2
Teleportal x2

Place down your two teleportals. These willl be the locations that the sentry will teleport to.
Place down a zone on each of your teleportals.
Place down your two wire repeaters. Make the delay to 3 seconds. Wire the first zone to the wire repeater.
When player enters zone------repeat wire pulse
When pulse repeated------teleport here

Now take the other zone and do the same. When player enters zone----repeat wire pulse
On wire pulse----teleport player to target.
There! You should have a moving sentry that has damage carrying over and only requiring 1 sentry!
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Great Guide @WhoAmI!


Oh my god. If I had known this, then Farmers’ Quest would’ve had so much less memory usage. This is now my favorite guide. I feel like I could fly for hours! WEEEEEEEEEEEEE


Wow! Nice discovery!

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Wow, can’t believe no one found this out. This is a breakthrough!

Amazing guide! (difficulty?)

Mind blowing

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This was another mistaken discovery though. I was making a dodgeball zone where if you survived 60 seconds in the zone, you would teleport out, and then I noticed the sentries teleported out as well. Hence this guide.

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You should add the fact that you need to give the teleporters target groups since a lot of users seem to be missing that step.

You don’t really need that. The wires will do it for you.

The teleporters I used had no targets.

Really? What’s the teleport player to target thing then? Wouldn’t you need a target group for that?

A wire setting. Also I think that might be a mistake in the writing…lemme check.


The only downside is when the player enters the zone


Yeah…I figured that out a while back. However, what you can do to remedy this is to make the sentry spawn in a zone, then teleport to the teleports, and use the when player teleported to setting to do this instead.

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is this able to work with multiple teleports

It should

Also @raeB may I inquire why you edited my post?