A simple tutorial to teleporters [Difficulty 1/10 or 🟩]

How to make a teleporter.

Place a teleporter down. Set the group to any name of your choice. Then, make the target group any name you desire.

Place another teleporter down wherever you want to, and name the group the target group of the previous teleporter. Then, name the target group the previous teleporter group name.

If you don’t want to make players teleport back, don’t name the target group and make it invisible.

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Nice guide! This will be helpful to many new users.

Nice job! I suggest you expand on this guide. For example, add more actions, including using vending machines and popups to teleport players.

Nice guide! Maybe to make the title a bit better, change it to teleporting dummies.

Or maybe “A simple guide to teleporters.”

Nice guide! Note that there are already a couple of guides about this, so as Wingwave said perhaps you can add something.

Here- you might want to credit this guide by @NavyCatZ

And these too:

Man, there’s a lot of teleporter guides out there.


Also, maybe make the difficulty 1/10 instead and use the green square icon instead. From what I’ve heard, the white square is only for art guides (might be outdated though).

I’ll change it.

Good job with this guide!!

yup tons of guides, right?