How to Make Blizzian Hide-and-Seek

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Time to update the picture again! Sorry I have been inactive, I have been picking up hobbies rapidly.

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@Dragontamer The poll gives it’s judgement.

Hey, I will just edit because (if I can) because you forgot to remove the default text in the drop down! On the 1st one

i have no idea what you mean by this: Place a teleporter, with the Group it belongs to as Seeker_Chamber or anything else, and the one that it aims to as Hider_Chamber or anything else. Also, we will make it so that after the time is up, the hiders will be unable to move or hide anywhere else, and the seeker can go to the Hider Chamber(Credit to
). Place a Wire Repeater and set the delay to however many seconds you want the hiders to be able to hide.

Are you confused about the teleporters?

my mistake i read it wrong i thought it said spawner not teleporter

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but i do need some help so could someone j o i n so i can figure this out idk if i did it wrong

Hey, j0in codes are not allowed on the forum, go to the wixsite instead.

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Nice, you’ll have to wait for an admin to admit you. Now time to stop being off topic, great guide, @Blizzy !

Teleporter 1:

Teleporter 2:

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This makes no sense pls make a newbie guide because I only made maps for 1 month

I would suggest not making this then. There are literally hundreds of things you can make, and Blizzian Hide-and-Seek is just one of them!


First, Blizzy has gone (mostly) inactive. Second, just don’t make this. If you’re new to GKC then stick with the easier stuff.

  1. If you think this is too hard, just don’t make it
  2. You’re just being rude to me. It makes sense for some people that are not new to GKC
  3. Find some basic games to make for this!
  4. @ClicClac @VoidFluffy Thanks for supporting me! And yeah, I’ve gone mostly inactive. It’s sad :frowning: