Making a button that Teleports you to a RANDOM/CERTAIN place | Difficulty 3/10

Another guide, rolling out!

Place a game overlay. Set it like this:

You can name it anything you want.

Place teleporters all around the place. Set them like this:

Now, when you click the button, you teleport to a random teleporter! Of course, some people want to teleport somewhere specific. I can help you with that, too. Now, change those teleporters all to something different. Don’t make them the same channel. Or you will get randomized again. Example:
Teleporter 1:

Teleporter 2:

Now, wire the overlay to a popup, and delete the button pressed → Broadcast on channel. The overlay should look like this now:

Make the popup like this:

You can change the title and content of the popup to wherever your teleporter is. Like, if you were teleporting into a tree, you could do something like this:

Make it so that, if the ‘Next’ button is pressed(Second call to action), you will open another popup with another option. If the first call to action is pressed(Teleport), you will transmit on the channel that will lead to your respective teleporter.

You’re done! Have fun!

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