How to make a button that teleports you

Things you will need: 2 teleporters, and a button (and a prop for decoration if you want it)

If you’re doing this on mobile and you encounter a glitch where you can’t select the desired item start and end the game.

  1. Click on the button and locate “When button pressed, transmit on”. Name that channel something you can remember and you’re done with the button | Ex. TeleportButton
  2. Click on one of the two teleporters and locate “Group” name that anything you want and make sure you remember it. Do this for the other teleporter, make sure that you name it the same group as the last teleporter
  3. Lastly, choose one of the teleporters that brings the player there and click on the teleporter and locate “Channels” on the top bar. Then find “Teleport here when receiving on” and use the channel name you used for the button.
  4. You’re all set! Once the player has clicked the button there is no way of them going back because the button was already pressed. OPTIONAL : You can make both teleports invisible so that the player won’t know where they (the teleporters) are located at.


Can’t you just do a button and a teleporter, button pressed teleport player here? I didn’t test it out so tell me if it does not work.

oh and sorry for the super late reply…

Both methods work.



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