What guide do I make? How about one of these:

There are many guides in the Gimkit Forum, and it looks like you want to spread some of your knowledge. There are many types of guides, these being separated by their tags and categories. After reading this guide, I will guarantee you’ll be inspired.

A Basic Guide

Did you just finish working on a game? Is there something in it that might be useful? Make a guide on it. I recommend having lots of images and steps so the viewer can understand your project. Here are some guides that people have made:


TUG stands for The Ultimate Guide. These are more like wiki pages and less like tutorials. There are TUGs for features in Gimkit, but also some for the forum (for example, I made a post formatting TUG). If there is a feature inside or outside of Gimkit that you feel confident that you could explain it to others, make a tug!


Resources are kinda like TUGs. Resources are pages where you can find everything you need for a project. This could be Among Us, Capture the Flag, or Snowbrawl. If you find lots of similar guides, make a resource page for them! There’s even a resource page for TUGs.

Art / Decorations

There are lots of art guides out there, but most fall into 2 categories: Barrier art and Prop art. Barrier art is where someone makes something purely out of barriers. Prop art is usually used to decorate maps. If you like art or you’re good with the Gimkit prop selection, you should try making one of these.


WARNING! Forum-related guides can be marked as off-topic!

If you’ve been on the forum for a long time, you might want to make something about the forum. May it be help for new users, guides on how to use the interface, or just how to do stuff.



What are Ideas? Well, look at this topic. Ideas help people pass their wisdom off to newer users. If you don’t know where to go on a project, ideas will help you.


In the end, it doesn’t matter what type of guide you make. Just by making that guide you are helping people who you probably don’t even know. If you’ve been here for a long time, I just want to say thank you for helping the new users. Thanks for reading.


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