[📜] The ULTIMATE Guide to Formatting your Posts

If someone could make this a wiki so people could add features, that would be much appreciated!

Welcome to the Posting TUG. A TUG contains all the information you need to know about a subject. In this TUG, we will cover the formatting of posts.

Text Style

There are 6 styles that text can have in a post:

  • Normal
  • Bold
  • Italics
  • Headings
  • Subheadings
  • Spoilers

Normal text is what all posts use as their body text. You don’t have to use any special formatting to make text normal, as text usually is predetermined to be normal.

Bold text involves the use of asterisks. By containing your text in 2 asterisks on each side, your text will become bold.

**Text Goes Here**

Italic text is a lot like bold text, in which it involves asterisks. Instead of containing your text in 2 asterisks, though, you only need 1 on each side.

*Text Goes Here*

Headings can be used to split text sections up. By putting a “#” in front of text, you’ll get a heading

This is an example of a heading

# This is how you would write a heading

Subheadings are a lot like headings, but just a bit smaller. You write them by adding a “-” on the next line.

This is an example of a subheading

This is how you would write a subheading

Spoilers blur text so the user has to click on it to know the answer.

this is an example of a spoiler

[spoiler]this is how you write a spoiler[/spoiler]


There are 3 types of quotes. These are:

  • Block Quotes
  • Post Quotes
  • Hyperlinks

Block Quotes are used to emphasize a large amount of text. These are typed by adding > before a sentance. Multiple Blockquotes will combine, but this can be changed by adding a page break in between them.

This is a block quote

This is the first line of a block quote
This is an additional line

> This is how you would type a block quote

> This is how you would type
> 2 lines of block quotes

Post Quotes are quite simple. By replying to a certain post and pressing the speech bubble, you will quote the entire post.

[quote="JoeTheChicken, post:1, topic:8928, full:true"]
This is how you would write a post quote

A Hyperlink is the full name for a link. Links allow you to travel to and from websites. If you hyperlink a post in the forums and not change the name, it will automatically become a preview for that post (correct me if this is wrong).

This is what a hyperlink looks like

[This is how you would write a hyperlink](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ)


There are 4 types of lists

  • Bulleted lists
  • Numbered lists
  • Polls (I know this isn’t really a list, but it also kinda is).
  • Tables

Bulleted lists can be written in 2 ways. The first way is by adding an asterisk before a sentence. The other is by adding a hyphen “-” before a sentence.

  • This is an example of a bulleted list
* This is how you would write a bulleted list
- This is also how you would write a bulleted list

Numbered lists are written in almost the same way. Instead of starting with a symbol, you just start with the number followed by a period.

  1. This is an example of a numbered list
1. This is how you would write a numbered list

Polls allow the viewer to vote on something. Click the settings button, and then click poll. There are 2 types of polls: Single Choice and Multiple Choice. Single Choice limits you to 1 answer, whilst multiple allows, well, multiple answers.

You can find an example poll at the bottom

[poll type=regular results=always chartType=bar]
* This
* is
* how
* you
* would
* write
* a
* poll

Tables are quite difficult to understand. If you want an explanation on how they work, here’s a link.

| This | is a | table|
| it | is | cool |
This is a table
it is cool

Image Editing

You can upload images by pasting them in or by clicking the image button on the menu.

This is an example of an image

![This is how you would write an image|357x64](upload://oa1X34K8IPOfpK7INH4SwjhUkHv.png)

You can go even further by changing the size of an image. We all know that you can choose 100%, 75%, and 50%, but you can change this by adding “, (your number here)%”

Also, where it says “image,” you can rename the alt text of the image to whatever you want.


There are some uncategorized features that can be pretty important. This includes:

  • Hidden Text
  • Preformatted Text
  • Page Breaks / Lines
  • Keyboard Buttons

Hidden text can be accessed by clicking the settings icon. This will allow you to close and open specific sections in your text.

This is an example of hidden text

This text will be hidden

[details="This is how you would write hidden text"]
This text will be hidden

Preformatted text is a bit weird. Honestly, I don’t even know what coding language it uses, but it is really useful for showing stuff without the formatting. That’s how you’re able to see how the text would be typed. You can use it by clicking the “</>” button in the menu.

This is an example of preformatted text

Page Breaks are pretty simple. You can use a page break by encasing br with < and > (I couldn’t write it out).

<br> is how you would write a page break

Lines are also very simple. Just type 3 asterisks and you’ll have a line!

*** is how you would write a line

Keyboard Buttons aren’t as simple to memorize. To make a keyboard button, contain your button in kbd and /kbd brackets

<kbd> This is how you would write a Keyboard Button </kbd>

This is what it looks like

Also, here’s an example poll. For some reason the formatting doesn’t work inside of hidden text.

  • This
  • is
  • an
  • example
  • of
  • a
  • poll
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Well, yeah, that’s all. As I said earlier, it would be nice if you guys made a wiki or commented some information so I could add it to the post. Thanks for reading!


Nice guide! @WolfTechnology can you make this a wiki? This will help new Gims a lot!


Nice guide! The thing is that this forum already has a whole lot of guides specifically not related to Gimkit Creative, so I suggest we take a pause on forum-related guides and posts.

Nice guide.
You may want to credit this guide though.

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But this was actually a very good guide!

kind of off-topic but…

I believe it's C# because // makes it a message
isn't a note
// is a note
// are also bolded, they are common C# words so that's more proof
// although it might be C. C+, or C++ but idk what those looks like

what about





I never saw that guide. I would’ve credited it if I had used it, but so far, everything in this has just been my brain.


Bump, and also, you can put polls in hide details if you use the HTML:

<summary>This is an example.</summary>
Hidden Text
This is an example. Hidden Text

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