Trick Or Treat Map

You could use berries.


Blueberries are round, like some candies, next would be potatoes but uhhh potatoes for Halloween???

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Sorry for repeating the same thing you said, but I replied before I saw it.


For getting candy from others, you could either use trading sentries or popups:

You could adapt the selling system in Fishtopia to your desire:

For items/upgrades, you can look at these guides:

A randomizer may also be useful (in my opinion):

Hope these guides help!

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Thank you, but one question. How to get the bookbag ?

and how to make it upgrade?

You can use candy as an item, make a limit with an item inventory manager, and you have to empty it with a button, and you can raise that cap by deactivating and activating another iim

You can make the upgrade deactivate and activate IIM’s (Inventory Item **M*anager)

Item Purchased > Deactivate Inventory Item Manager

Item Purchased > Activate Inventory Item Manager

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One more question, how to make energy?

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@GoofyIzzyGuy try any of the guides we just talked about!

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Well, they can. You could use a property to check if the “candy” is granted.

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Instead of actual items, use an overlay to show the amount of candy.

True, but it would be easier to make a limit with items rather than a property, also @GoofyIzzyGuy remember to mark a solution!

You could use a counter with a limit:

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