The TUG On Counter Usage

Counters are so versatile. They can edit properties and also show the player what its at! And without blocks! So what can they do?

Rotating Numbers

So this is about having a number go up, or reset when you reach a limit each time you broadcast on a channel.

First, make a counter with a target that’s 1 above the maximum value. Wire the counter to a wire repeater. Wire it back to reset. If you set the target to 2, you have a boolean. This is useful in all sorts of cases.


This will impose a limit on the counter.

Make a trigger that receives on the channel that should increase the counter. This should increase the counter. Make a counter with the target that is the limit. Wire the counter to the trigger to deactivate the trigger when the target is reached. Now, make a trigger that receives on the channel that should decrease the counter. This should decrease the channel. Wire the second trigger to the first trigger to activate it.

Nice, but where’s the wiki?

Cool guide! I’m guessing this is nowhere near complete, as people are sure to find more uses for counters.

Whoops. You saw nothing.

more advanced counter usage could be bit-coding, real life representations of binary, logic gates and property preset values that can be accessed with incrementing and decrementing the counter and updating the property.

Trigger activation states seem a bit better to use, since they don’t require a checker.

is this abandoned or finished?