The Ritheked Version of Voting (1.0)! ~6% Memory | Difficulty: 🟧

There have been many guides on how to make voting system for Among Us. However, they all have one fatal flaw: they only hold a certain amount of players. This guide will change that.

This approach uses a DEFICIT of keycards or any other item to track the amount of votes. Also, don’t use the Green Keycard in your map.

Some pros of this approach: Hosts any number of players, simple to build, and small amount of memory.

Some cons: Heavy use of scope!, voting is a slow process, and ties result in both players getting eliminated.

What you need:
4x teleporter
2x zones
1x barrier
2x Relay
2x Team Switcher
5x Triggers and blocks
2x buttons
6x properties
3x Item Granter
2x Text
1-2x laser
1x Yes… the infamous checker
1x item manager
Some walls

Finished State:

Place all the stuff on the map. This will mostly be about how to configure each device. In one the teleporters on the bottom, or spawn room, make it teleport everyone there when it receives on the “Meeting” channel to start the voting. Make the teleporter broadcast on “Reset has Gone” when it teleports a player there. Also make a trigger trigger itself when it receives on the “Meeting” channel. This trigger should make: “Has Gone” =0;“Player Votes Left” = 1; “Players Gone” = 0.

How to Set the Candidate

The top chamber:

First, set the zone to transmit on “Change Team” when someone enters the chamber. When someone leaves, transmit on “Change Team Back”. Set the teleporter to teleport into the chamber when receiving on “Candidate”. Make sure it is not visible in game.

Next, change the big zone encompassing the 2 teleporters to transmit on “Is Candidate” when someone enters. Make one of the triggers get triggered when receiving on “Is Candidate”. Set the default value of the property “Has Gone” to 0 and the scope to player. Go to the trigger and into its blocks. When the trigger gets triggered, make it so that if “Has Gone” is 0, then it will transmit on Candidate, and increment Has Gone and Amount of Players Gone(Amount of Players Gone is default 0). If it is 1, it check if the Amount of Players is the Amount of Players Gone. If this check is true, then broadcast on “All Players Gone” (remember this for later).

Next, make a Green Keycard item granter. In the when receiving block, set it to when receiving on “Candidate”. Make it so that it grants a a ridiculously large negative multiple (like negative 1000) of the Amount of Players and after that, grant the Amount of Players.

Set the team switcher to set the player’s team to Team 4 when receiving on “Change Team”. Make another one switch it back when it is receiving on “Change Team Back”.

The Voter

Set the display of the button on the right to vote for guilty and the display of the one on the left to vote for innocent. Wire both to a trigger. Go to the trigger’s blocks and have it increment the Amount of Votes in, and then check to see if the amount of votes in is equal to the amount of players-1. If it is true, it should broadcast on Vote Done.

Go to the button that votes for guilty and then set it to broadcast on “Voted for Guilty” when it is pressed. After this, get another trigger to trigger when it receives on “Voted for Guilty”. Add a block. In the block, put: if “Player Votes Left” is 1, then broadcast on “True Voted For Guilty”. Else, broadcast on dummy. Next, make a relay like this:

Now, make an item granter that grants -1 green Keycards when receiving on Subtract Keycard.

That’s it for this section!

Extending Voting to Everyone

Now we have to make it that everyone has gone in the display area! All we have to do here is in the spawn area for the voting area, set one of the teleporters to teleport there when broadcasted on “E Vote Done”. Make a relay that broadcasts to everyone on “E Vote Done” when receiving on “Vote Done”. You also need a zone connected to a barrier to keep people out of the spawn area.

We’re done with this section now!

Vote Counter

Now, to count the votes. This is one the most important sections to understand in order to adapt it for other games.

First, remember the “All Players Gone” broadcast? Make a relay receive it. Make the relay broadcast on Vote Count for EVERYONE when it received from the All Players Gone channel. In the checker, check if the amount of keycards is 0. If the check passes, broadcast on “Execute”. If it fails, then broadcast on “Subtract Keycard”. In the last item granter, add a block for receiving on the channel “Subtract Keycard”.
Just make it broadcast on “Vote Count”. Also, have it grant -1 Green Keycard when it receives on “Subtract Keycard”.

In the teleporter, make it teleport the player there when it receives on “Execute”. Add 1 or 2 lasers that deal 10000000 damage. The people will know if the person they voted for DROPPED AN ITEM THAT THE IMPOSTORS CARRY OR NOT. Make both of the lasers transmit on “Exit Vote”. Make a relay that receives on “Exit Vote” and broadcasts on “E Exit Vote” for all players. This channel should teleport everyone back and restore all functions

Adaptation for Imposter on Different Team

When the player triggers the meeting, make a relay to give the impostor team a random, UNUSED item. Then, when the message is broadcast to teleport all players back to spawn, check if the player has the item to see if they are on the imposter team. After this, switch them if the check works.

Difficulty out of 10
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10
  • 11
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The ritheked version?


Yes, the ritheked version.

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How do you use reverse psuedo teaming to calculate votes?

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What do you mean by reverse pseudo teaming

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You subtract the keycards until somebody gets 0 keycards. Not psuedo-temaing btw.


No, it is reverse psuedo teaming, as you are using the lack of an item to cause things to happen, and it’s genius. Giving every player the amount of people in the game keycards, then subtracting one from each player until everyone has gone, then removing everyone with no cards. Wow.


I don’t get the teaming aspect what you are syaing though.

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It is a bit different than that, but that is the gist of it.

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Wouldn’t everyone just get 0 eventually?

As long as he clears the keycards from everyone’s inventory, then regrants the keycards every time voting starts, and not when the game starts, then no.

Thank you for making this guide. I need it.

and, @getrithekd , you should add the ‘among us’ tag to this guide

Same, Rick gave up so I am trying to learn code to finish my 3 month long map so I can make a guide on it.

You’re welcome and will do

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Shouldn’t it be the “Rithekedian” version?

No Ritheked sounds better


Yeah, but you have to keep the chain! Helpian, Clacian, Navian, Mistian, Tamian, Myszian, Lxian, so on and so forth.

Can you think of a good combo of my name and -ian?

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