Help with rithekd voting 1.0

Hi, so I’m new to the forums. I’ve been trying to make a voting system thats low memory and has unlimtied player usage (so you can vote with any number of people) and I found this guide The Ritheked Version of Voting (1.0)! ~6% Memory | Difficulty: 🟧. I’m a regular when it comes to making stuff in GKC (still new to the forums lol) but its confusing for me, so if any one knows how to make it, can you simplifiy it a bit for me? Greatly appreciated, Thanks!

This should help you. Also welcome to the forums! Make sure to read the FAQ and TOS and mark a solution!

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I’m not sure you should use that one, as it doesnt work very well. You could use a much more difficult guide, but I’m not sure if it would be feasible, as it a massive system. So to fix that guide, you need to put a spawner for team 4 inside the box and disable anything during the voting period that acts on knockouts.

Other than that, what do you need help with specifically?

Basically everything, I’m not the best at block code, so pictures of what it would look like would be great. I’m also a bit confused with the properties, triggers, and channels. But I get the basic Idea, you compare the amount of key cards to another player using reverse psuedo teaming? (I cheaked the comments and someone said it) Also my voting room has the area that you vote in up top, and the candidates chamber in the bottom, so opposite of yours.