Guide on How to Solve Problems Easier

Consider what you have, your constraints and bonuses to make the solution

Step 1. Identify the desired solution
Step 2. Identify how to locally get the solution.
What tools do I have to do that?

Step 3. Build the framework around that local solution.
In my voting system:

I used buttons to vote for a person as the local solution, and then built the teleporter system and other components to use that local solution.

Step 4. Make the solution more efficient


Try to not make 6-sentence guides. Maybe you could expand this?



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Short guides like this will only clutter up the forum.

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You should go in depth for each step.

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There’s been so many new users that make like, 3 word long guides (no offense, @getrithekd).


None taken.

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:rofl: :skull:

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I wonder, is there any-- oh wait! I just bumped into this guide!

Here is my idea of what a general problem solving process should be

  1. Identify what you wanna build

  2. Identify what your result should be capable of doing

  3. Lets say you wanna build a product, and for now i’m calling it “x”
    The product x is capable of doing a1, a2, a3, where each a# is a seperate task
    lets make a set containing each a#, called “S”

4.Now, take each element from S, and build a device contraption for each element one by one.

5.For each subset of S, check that each element’s device contraptions connect with each other correctly (wires, channels).

  1. review and test out your final product for bugs/malfunctions

idk why the number list is spaced weirdly