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Press a secret button

Here, if you press a well-hidden, small-press-range button, you can unlock something like a secret boss fight- or just an encounter with a funny meme (like doge).

Secret Ending

Just a button that gives you an ending
By @Gimkitsuggestor

Shoot and destroy a prop

If you shoot down a disguised part of wall, you can unlock a secret passage that leads to… something. You choose!

Shoot and destroy an ally

This I’ve done before. I made it so that if you knock out your best friend sentry, you get an achievement called ‘J0in The Dark Side’

Knockout a pet

If your GimGame is a family RPG, you can make it so that if you shoot the family pet, you get kicked to the curb by the rest of the family.

Defeat a boss in __ seconds (Quick-time event)

You aren’t supposed to be able to defeat a boss in 10 seconds. It’s a boss. Duh. BUT WHAT IF, WHAT IF yoU DO? Secret ending unlocked! Use a timer system to achieve this.

Step on a trigger

You can add a trigger somewhere discreet and make it so that if the player stumbles upon it, something interesting happens.

Princess says no

This could work well for a game where you have to rescue a princess or smth.
basically, you defeat the boss and finally beat the game. but when you go to rescue the princess, she says no and walks away. might be a funny ending.


You can make a key-pad and hide a code somewhere are the map.

(BONUS) Color codes

Using the keypad from the last ending, but instead hiding a code made of colors instead of numbers. (Blue=1, Green=2, and so on.)

The writing room

A room where one has to endure multiple different puzzles involving writing to click a button that sends you to a secret area.

Special name

have something activate if you enter the game with a specific name

A failed mission's consequences

Create a mission in-game that the player might not be able to complete, and if they don’t, have that mistake affect the ending of the game, or end the game.

White Room

Make a room that has a zone covering it’s entirety. This zone is wired to a counter. When you enter the room, the counter ticks down. However, if you leave the room before the counter hits zero, it resets the counter. When the counter hits zero, the secret ending is activated. (by @Coolcaden26 )

Secret Mission Ending

Depending how you want it, it can be different but…

Make it so they do something specific, doesn’t matter, maybe you can take inspiration from up there :arrow_double_up: but, after you do your specific thing…

Make it so that there’s an extra campaign mission to do. Ex, lets say your doing a campaign, do the secret thing. Now you have an extra bonus of gameplay, letting you have a different storyline entirely. (By @Txme_Lxss )

Certain Steps.

Make it so you go around the map destrying stuff in a certain order. You could use properties to. Example, step 1 gives 1 property, step 2 gives 2, and so on. Make it check every time if they did it correct. So example, I’m on step 2. But I did step 3 first. Then I would have 4, not 3. Cause step 1, too.

Then just choose what you want as your ending. Inspired by call of duty kinda but… yay! (By @Txme_Lxss )

sus thing?

you find something out of place on the ground. apparently it was something special and it ends the game (weird) [by @Coolcaden26 ]

The Quitter

At The Start, Have A Choice That Says: Are You Ready? And Have 2 Buttons. (One Yes, One No) If They Press Yes, Start The Game, But If They Say No, Give Them The Achievement: Quitter And Do Whatever You Want With Them Then. If The Game Is Single Player, End The Game. (By: @ModerateCape86

Rocket Launch

Have a super dramatic ending where the Gim is moved to the interior of a spaceship, then countdown-ed into DEATH

The Ending

Nothing cool happens, the game just ends and you wonder why you chose to do all of the “hard work” it took just to end the game slightly quicker (by @Coolcaden26 )

The Betrayal Ending

You: We did great work here, didn’t we, [Traitor name here]
[Betrayer here]: Yes we did. Hey, [Player name] I have something to tell you.
You: What is it?
[Betrayer.]: I’m sorry.
You: What you mean sor-
[Betrayer] Then betrays you by making you die anyway possible, cliff, poison, etc.
[Cutscene of the betrayer]
[Betrayer]: Remeber… Betrayal doesn’t help with your enemies, but with your allies.
Game ends super dramatically! (By @Txme_Lxss )

Traitor Ending

Similar to the betrayal ending, this time your the traitor. Heres the story.

Whatever you just did
You: I did great man!
Person 2: What you mean “I” bro? We both did something. I think we did great.
You: Yeah, but, there’s only room for 1 cowboy In this town, bucko.
Person 2: Woah, why you getting so aggressive?
You: I’m sorry I have to do this.
Person 2 dies from your choice
You: I had to. (Reveal why they had to, either forced to by enemy, or etc. optional.

The end! (Also by @Txme_Lxss )

End Of The World

Asteroids rain down and meteors crash down to many cities… you hear of the news on the TV and scramble. But you were too late. You feel the air get hotter… then look outside. It’s a orange mist. You succumb to your fate… and feel the air get hotter. You then say, “It’s been nice to live on earth.” As the world ends from global warming or something, idk lol. (By @Txme_Lxss )

The Dream Ending

Simple ending, make the player wake up in a bed at the end. IT WAS ALL A DREAM!! …wait Speedrunning music starts (Made by @EGGacha)




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