What Should I Add To My Game? (Ideas)

So I’m making a game where you explore your new house.
So what should I add?

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You could add sofa props.

Use this to help you:


a basement

oh hey… havent seen you in a while fersion.

an attic, lore, secret endings, achievements.

Endings:endings guide

so i have a upstairs basement backyard and a garage

@FersionSpeedy im going to be using the guide now

i need like small details bc i already have everthing.

things to add:
-food lying around
-a semi-visible laser near the fire to do damage to those who come near

-make this raggedy
-add a gym (this is sometimes found in basements)
-use the main color gray

-add bookshelves here
-make the place look tidy
-add a piece of paper —> popup —> treasure map —> side quest

that’s it…

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ok @chrysostom ill try!

You could try having a fenced in backyard with a doghouse and tree’s, you could also add area’s you can dig. And just for fun the digging spots could be randomized with block code and properties to be that if you dug in a spot, you could either find:

Dinosaur bones

Which you could show to people and they would be like :exploding_head: And you could go to a museum or start a collection.


All they get is some dirt and rocks


They can get bugs and worms and either keep a collection, or torment their family.

Break a sewer drain

This immediately make the toile-t not work and when you try to flush it, it explodes and floods the house.

You could also try having there a bee hive where you can get stung, OW. And your family makes you mow the grass. There could be where you rake the leaves and find treasure. You could make a time capsule. Create a garden where you can plant stuff.

Twisted side
  • So if you want to, you could make the vegetables attack you.
  • When you make a time capsule you find another one, but it’s actually a time MACHINE and you have to help/hurt the inhabitants.
  • The bees become mutants and try to destro-y the house.
  • When you mow the grass a UFO comes out of nowhere.
  • When you touch the treasure you get evaporated.

Hope this helps, can’t wait to see your game!

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ok ill try to add at least 3 of the stuff you said!

Is your game a platformer?

@111 no but i have other games that are

Oh, :+1:

do you have a like ummmm a shed?

cuz a shed would like add more stuff to ur build

Add a secret that has a MrBeast Statue, trust me.

A Birch tree that respawns you.
What a nice tree, I love tree- BRRRRRR

what wa-

since when are u leaving

you’ve only been around since march

indoor move theater

check my bio.

You got bamboozled.

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