Ideas for my new Get a Snack at 4am map

I am making a Get a Snack at 4am game, and I was hoping for ideas for endings, you do not have to give any ideas, but if you have ideas, please do tell.

you ate to much and you get a tummy ache. (yes I say tummy)

Thanks for the Idea, I will use that!

tummy ache is The only way to say it lol

Good ending: You secretly ate chips at 4am.
Bad ending: You get caught
Traitor ending: Your siblings eat chips with you, but snitch.
Crazy ending: Theres no chips, and you go on a crazy adventure.
Scary ending: Theres no chips, you got outside, go into a van that says “Free Chips” and get kidnapped.
Neutral ending: You get caught but your m0m/dad doesn’t care.
Ice cream ending: You ate ice cream instead
Sick ending: You ate chips but woke up sick that morning.
Video games ending (Neutral): You let your temptation get to you and play video games, then after go sleep.
Video games ending, good edition: You played video games till 5am but hear your parents. You then go fake sleep and they don’t realize it. You got away.
Video games ending, bad edition: They walk in on you playing video games. You were then banished out of the house.
Cataclysmic ending: The world ends after biting into a chip, exploding into a hot fire ball.
Car ending: You found chips in the car.
Taco ending: You cooked a taco.
Ramen ending: You ate some ramen.
Hunger ending: You slept off the hunger.
Starving ending: You actually just starved to death because you didn’t eat those chips.
Hunter ending: You hunted some wild animals for fresh meat.
Steak ending: You cooked up a fancy steak.
Ghost ending: A ghost scares you out of no where and the game ends.

Hopefully this helps! I thought some of these off the top of my head, hopefully it has what you need.


Thank you! I will try to add all of these!

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Don’t do literally all of it. You might run out of memory, lol. I would advise hand picking your favorites.

your right lol that would take all the memory

“You were then banished out of the house.” lol


are you the person who get a snack at 3 am?

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