Hilarious Secret Endings (go to the wiki version)

Wiki Version

Have you ever played a game and said or thought, There should be another ending to this.
You can make that possible for your own games.
Here’s an idea catalog for alternate endings triggers that are VERY SPECIFIC THINGS.

Trigger Ideas

Press a secret button

Here, if you press a well-hidden, small-press-range button, you can unlock something like a secret boss fight- or just an encounter with a funny meme (like doge).

Shoot and destroy a prop

If you shoot down a disguised part of wall, you can unlock a secret passage that leads to… something. You choose!

Shoot and destroy an ally

This I’ve done before. I made it so that if you knock out your best friend sentry, you get an achievement called ‘J0in The Dark Side’.

Knockout a pet

If your GimGame is a family RPG, you can make it so that if you shoot the family pet, you get kicked to the curb by the rest of the family.

You defeat a boss in ___ seconds

You aren’t supposed to be able to defeat a boss in 10 seconds. It’s a boss. Duh. BUT WHAT IF, WHAT IF yoU DO? Secret ending unlocked! Use a timer system to achieve this.

Step on a trigger

You can add a trigger somewhere discreet and make it so that if the player stumbles upon it, something interesting happens.

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we can not make other posts a wiki only our own

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If you want a wiki post, ask a TL3 member to create one for you (they can’t edit yours).

Another ending idea: The questioner glitch.

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I can

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How about, when you look at a prop, and interact, you are in a room filled with writing. (My poetry perhaps?) And you must read it all. To find a secret button.

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oh wait, whats that one thing that can lag your game to crashing? I just thought, maybe for my map I make them crash when they die.