Any Ideas for custom endings for My "Need More Heat" Game?

Lol funny idea

Light the house on fire lol


need more heat:

The 2nd game, a continuation

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You throw a lighter at your dads car so you cant go to school…then realize your dad does not take you you ride the bus…now you have to blow up the bus too.

Idiocy ending?


You fly an airplane to the moon somehow (I know airplanes can’t do that.), and you watch the earth go up in flames. (survior ending)

You create a heat virus and get sent to the hospital to get cured. (holspital ending)

Your dad gets mad at you, and abandons you. (lonley ending)

You enter the vent system and meet a dog, you adopt the dog and the dog gets magic powers and stops the earth from blowing up.


A giant meatball meteor that is a little bit meatier than most meatball meteors falls from the sky, crushing the city, and the planet is invaded by meatball aliens.
(slightly yummy ending)

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Death ending, you die of depression of dying and respawning. And the cycle repeats.

Where did u get the ides from need morr heat? Need more chaos by dusty? Perhaps?

more idea fixed words

Get a rope and tie it to the sun a pull ut closer

idiocy ending 2.0
Grab a bazooka and blow up the house after making everyone leave because a “fire” was in house (you messed with smoke alarms) and blow up house before remembering this is friends house…you were on a sleepover…now you have to go to school and they don’t


Coward Ending
You Simply Run Away Into a Forest and you never come back


You play video games on your old computer and it blows up as it overheats.
Now you don’t have to go to school! But you have to go to the hospital.

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Ending ending, you fall asleep and dream of the end of time. And also time ends.

Cave Johnson ending: Cave Johnson burns your house to the ground with a lemon after ranting about life giving you lemons.

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You light the school the day before on fire and you get there and have to go home

Btw I just released the game

that will get you flagged, guaranteed. please delete that post.

Wet Ending:

Use water instead of fire on things, now the game is “Need More Moisture”

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