== The Ultimate Educational Game Guide == (Difficulty: 🟧)

== Welcome To The Ultimate Educational Game Guide ==
Welcome To The Education Department, Or The “Fun-Geon!” [1]

If You Wanna “Enlighten The Masses,” Or Whatever The Young’uns Do These Days, Use This Guide. You May Applaud. Cast Aside Your Useless Question Deck And Make Learning An In-Game Experience.

The Ultimate Education Al Game Guide Contains
-----[The Basics]-----

  1. What Is An Educational Game?
  2. How To Create A Goal
  3. Settings
  4. Lobbies, Intros, And Visuals, Oh My! [2]
  5. Tutorial


  1. Mechanics
  2. The Fun-geon Awaits
  3. To PvP Or Not To PvP [3]
  4. Upgrades


  1. Parting With The Players
  2. Playtesting

-----[Wrap Up]-----

  1. Wrapup

What Is An Educational Game?
An Educational Game Is A Game With The Purpose To Instruct Someone Or A Group Of Classmates To Be Taught About A Subject. This Means It’s Educational, Like Math, Mythology, Or Trigonometry, Then This Kind Of Guide Instructs You To Make One.

How To Create A Goal

The Goal Can Be Anything From Finishing The Objective By Taking A Grueling Test, Or Perhaps Just Finishing Your Game. And For All You Right-Brainers, Here’s A List. [4]

1.) Taking A Gruelling Reference Test
2.) Managing To Finish All The Series Of Puzzles You Throw At Them
3.) Finish Your Path Of Peril And Finish The End of Your Level
4.) Use The Concepts They Learned To Defeat The Final Boss
5.) Activate All Checkpoints By Doing Concept-Based Individual Levels
6.) Finish Your Dinky Mini-Game, Like A Memory Match! [5]


This Divulges Into Two Paths, PvP Or No PvP

1.) PvP

This Makes The Game Free-For-All. Teams Make Things Complicated, And Unless You Have A Massive Brain, It’ Easier To Replenish Ammo By Answering Questions. This Includes A Good Map, Not Just A Technical One That Amazes Your Classmates Or Friends.

2.) No PvP

This Is The Fun, Less Easier, Preferred Style of Class Gameplay Where They Cooperatively Play To Set A Goal, And There Are Many Mechanics Used To Teach Your Subject Aside From Rote Memorization. This Can Be A Memory Match, A Team Dungeon Filled With Facts, Or Just A Series Of Challenging Puzzles With Answers in Unexpected Places.

Lobbies, Intros, And Visuals, Oh My!

Lemme Get This Straight. Never, Ever, In A Million Bajillion Years, Use The “Rubik” Font.

Next, We’ll Divide This Section Up Into Three Parts.

1.) Lobbies

Your Lobbies Should Entice, And Bring players Closer In. Don’t Just Spawn Them Into The Middle Of Nowhere, Make It A Camera-Viewed, Emoji-Filled, Title-Including Masterpiece. This Is Big Enough For Players To Enjoy, And Includes Some Way Of Keeping People Occupied, But In A Menial Way, Like Teleporters.

2.) Intros

In The Beginning Of Your Story, The Players Need Context. Gimkit Is A Game, Not Some Monstrosity [6] Bent On Streaks And Memorization. A Series Of Popups Cuts It, But I Recommend:

1.) Intro, Lead By An NPC Historian/Philosopher/Mathematician/Doctor/Whatever Subject You Teach
2.) A Reason Why You’re Doing this, Like A Cutscene Where You Fall Into A Textbook

3.) Visuals

Pick A Color Of Any Kind, From Blue To Purple. This’ll be Your Theme Color. Props Work, But Emojis Make The Game Better. Challenge Rooms Are 100% Filled With Detail, And Every Subject Your Teach Needs To Be Covered With Reminders Of What It Is And What It’s About, Inside And Out [7].


The Tutorial Is Where The First Impression Is Made. As A Good Student, Nobody Will Quit, But If Your Game Is For The Posterity, Just Make It Good.

Tutorial Types


Make A Super-Easy Description In One Room, And Players Press A Button When They’ve Got It.


Create A Cutscene [8] To Show Your Intro, And How You Play The Game In The Face Of Your Challenge.


Place Them In A Difficult Situation And Make Them Fight Themselves Out.


The Game Is Too Simple, Or A Review Game, Or Too Boring. No Tutorial.


Fill The Tutorial With Information In A Mini-Level, Detailing The Ways To Play The Game.


Popup Or Notification Chains To Lightning Fast Bombard Players With Information. [9]


This Is By Far The Hardest Thing To Add. Your Class Will Revolve Around This Idea, So Make It Memorable. Unless You Wanna Go Headlong In To Headlessness, Make It Fun.

1.) Math Games

  • Manage A Bank - With This, This, Or This

  • Memory Match Or Perhaps More Memory Match

  • Climbing Game Where You Jump Over Numbers And Hop Onto Series Of Numbers And Systems in The Right Order To Deactivate Barriers

  • Make A Tower In Which You Have To Defeat Equations By Solving Them To Progress

2.) History Games

  • Create Your Favorite Historical Event Within The Game, And Add Information As You Progress Through It!

  • Historical Movie, With The Cutscene With My Shameless Self-Advertising

  • Or Just Be Lazy And Make A Battle Royale With Dispersed History

  • Game Show [Drops Mic]

3.) Other Games

  • Your Subject As The Center Of An Adventure

  • Learning Quest, Each Enemy A Part Of Your Subject

  • Just A Trillion Bajillion Facts In Some Sort Of “Hall Of [Your Subject] Minigames”

  • Once Again, Try Something Like A Battle Royale

The Fun-Geon Awaits

Making Your Map Is Fun. But How Fun?

Let’s See How This Can Be Made.

Map Styles

  • Make A Dungeon FIled With Enemies

  • A Cozy Lil’ Cafe Of Town Where You Learn Peacefully

  • A Test-Based Game Where Players - 1.) Learn - 2.) Take Test - 3.) Repeat

  • Achievement Centered Game

  • Compact Little Platformer Where You Learn To Pass Boundaries

  • Action Game, Like Rob A Bank

  • Official Game But WIth Your Style Added To It, Like Tag Or Fishtopia

To PvP Or Not To PvP

Unless Your Game Is Centered Around PvP, Don’t Add PvP

We Covered This. You Better Know.


Skill Upgrades

  • Every Time You Finish An Objective, Get A Property, And When You Get More, Get Higher Speed
  • Make A Streak-Based System[10]
  • Finish Each Level To Get More And More Power

Progressive Upgrades

  • Every [Number Of Seconds] Get Powerup
  • Use The Crafting Table To Make Things
  • Every Few Levels Passed, Get A Faster Time To Get New Upgrades

Purchased Upgrades

  • Buy Things From Defeating Enemies
  • Properties From Finishing Levels Can Be Bought
  • Money-Centered Game - Buy And Sell

Parting With The Players

A Satisfying Ending Comes in A Few Ways:


  • Make A Ending From A Guide You Found [11]
  • Finish Your Game When The Objective Is Completed
  • Boss Fight. It Led Up To This [12]
  • No End. Just A Fun, Engaging, Repeatable Game.


In General, In Playtesting, Do The Three F’s

Finish The Game

Make Sure It’s Completely Possible To Finish The Game
If You Can’t Do It, Nobody Can.

Forget The Plot

This Is To Be Played Educationally. If You Forget Everything, Then Will You Learn?
Try It Out From An Uneducated Person’s Perspective

Ff-Try Everything

Do Everything There Is In The Game. Try To Ruin It.
If It’s Foolproof, Then Quit.

Wrap Up

Tell Me What I Did Wrong So I Can Fix it Before Flagging
Also, I Didn’t Find Any Other Guides To This Kind Of Game

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  3. That Is The Question. From “Hamlet,” I Think. Read It, Pretty Good. ↩︎

  4. For Your Information, My Educational Game Is To Teach Moral Philosophy, For All References. This Has No Use, But I’m Just Saying, I’m Not Dumb ↩︎

  5. To Make A Memory Match, Use This Guide ↩︎

  6. Cough, Cough, Kachoot, Cough ↩︎

  7. For Further Detail, Refer To This Guide ↩︎

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