On the Nature Of the Popup: The Notification's Older Silbling


…Oh, hello fellow Gim! Very sorry, I can’t talk right now, I’m sneaking up on a Notification in its habitat!

Lets just go in front of it and…

Dang, it’s a popup. Bamboozled again…

But while we have it here, let’s talk about the popup!


Hey guys! A quick explanation on what I’m doing in this guide. Because I don’t want it to be a repeat of other guides on the pop up, along with explaining the pop up I’m showing how to make different things with it! And I started using drawings too. Please comment (don’t like, please) if you like this guide! I’m taking a break from Gimkit after this one tho.


@GimSolver for their amazing guide on notifications that inspired this one!
@awesomeT43 and @ClicClac for the scientific name.

What is the Popup?

The Popup, or Gelwazrubio Sursum, is a device in the orange family and is closely related to the Notification. It’s a modernly light device weighing in at 50. The Popup is more social then its Notification counterpart, appering either as a Model in the middle of the screen, or as a Banner at the bottom. Popups can be used for many different things, such as but not dictated to:

  1. A bigger Notifications
  2. NPC chats
  3. Update logs

And I’m gonna tell you how to make them! because a popup is basically a notification with extra steps. I want to be :sparkles: quirky :sparkles:


This is what I did when I was a new player, it’s really good for understanding wires.

Get a button and a popup

Connect them with a wire which is superior to channels fight me

Set the wire so that:
When button pressed----->Open popup

BOOM :smiley:


Now, we are going to use the call to action! Place down two popups and a button. Connect the first popup to the button and type a call to action. Connect a wire between the two popups so that:
When call to action pressed------>Open popup

You can repeat with other popups almost forever!


(This one is great if you have a published map :slight_smile: )

Place down a spawn pad. Then, connect a popup so that:
When player spawned------->Open popup

Change the popup every time you update so your players can see what changed!


If I told you this silly little guide took me just over a day, would you believe me? Well, there you have it, 3 fun things you can do with the popup! Until next time! …I need a nap.



oh, boy. here we go again…
turns on noise cancelling headphones


Didn’t we agree not to make these guides anymore??? Idk. I wasn’t in that conversation though.


? I must’ve not been in that either. Srry!

this one was the nature-of guide I have enjoyed in a while nice job!
we had a conversation about not making anymore because a lot of the newer ones just repeated TUGTED and nature-of was really meant to explain complicated devices that not many gims knew how to use and as ClicClac said


Oh, ok! Thanks for letting me know, and thank you for the praise! :smiley:

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Hey! I made a guide like this! :slight_smile:

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hey big bro!

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Wait—does this mean I could make an explained guide on a nature-of device? If this already exists, could I do it in the explained format?

you need to add more details then TEGTED and it needs to be a device that actually needs to be explained

Yes, I will! I promise! It will be explained to the fullest. Like the others!

Bump, back when life was simpler.

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