On the Nature of Notifications: A Comprehensive Study On the Notification's Biology and It's Place In the Community

Credit to @ClicClac for making the original and making the inspiration! This is the second episode of the nature-of series.

Table of Contents

What they Do
Different breeds in the Wild
Interactions with other Devices

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Notifications, scientifically known as Gelwazrubio Meneo, is part of the orange device family. Notifications aren’t very heavy, and take up only 15 memory. Despite making their presence known everywhere to almost everyone, Notifications are a part of a lucky few of the Devices that are thriving and have no identified population (that’s good). Like many devices on game start, they are invisible. However, they have a special characteristic that can show words in your view. They have a bell on their face to represent an alarm or a reminder.

What they Do

Notifications usually are reminders for gims for an event or something that just happened. They know everything that happens. They can even notify you of different types of events that will or have occurred. Since Notifications aren’t the most social Device known, they can only end a wire vine, not begin one.

Different breeds in the Wild

Notifications have a variety of breeds and personalities. They have five different breeds. They are varied in that some indicate an Error, a Warning, a Success, plain Information or just a note.

  • Name, like many other devices, they have names.
  • Some Notifications don’t like to be presented as long as others, so they can choose to have shorter or longer duration.
  • Some Notifications prefer to be in the right of your eye, when others prefer the left.
  • Some Notifications like to have more private audiences. Some like to be shown only to its summoner when others might be to be shown to everybody, the summoner’s team or the summoner’s team (Not including the summoner).
  • Well, just like they have names, they have different details. Some prefer to give different information than others, have different titles and content.

Interactions with other Devices

Notifications have few interactions with other devices. However, they do compete with the trigger in the niche of block coding. The notification presents a cheaper place to execute block code, but is often overlooked.

Like any device notifications work well with relays and triggers as there are no other natural ways to trigger a notification in game

For some reason notifications don’t get along with each other, every new one will overshadow the old one on your screen; who knows what happens to the old one…

For those who just skimmed through the study...

Bolded words are more important. They are good to read. Yes, instead of actually trying to read this relatively short guide and improve your vocabulary and reading level, just take the easy route (you might not have even read up 'til here…)

Made by GimSolver, Wildlife Extraordinaire
Photos generously donated by the MirMir Institute.
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“A wild notification, spotted in the wild.”

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