On the Nature of Notifications: A Comprehensive Study On the Notification's Biology and It's Place In the Community

It was always there, it had just been unbolded.

I also added a note in the wiki about filling out the main use more.

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Oh, I haven’t done the Main Use yet…

Guide was edited just now.

What happened to the ending?

Can you change the @twofoursixeight and @CassiusDoomlorde to not be mentioned?

Nice guide! If it gets finished, this could be an entertaining source of knowledge for the notification! If you want drawings, maybe ask @NavyCatZ, as she drew the original pictures for the waypoint guide.




About that… @NavyCatZ said no…

Well, Foxy drew a picture for you!

I guess we could modify it a little?

Who is the we?


Can I make pictures?

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Yes please.

Ok! What pictures do you need?(sorry, just need description)

Like the drawings here but for a Notification.

Ok! Will get to work

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Photo of Notification:
Screenshot 2024-01-17 8.42.15 AM


Gimstock! lol.
I like it, very nice.

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Haha! Hoping someone would notice that