Simple Guide to Notifications

How to Use a Notification a Simple guide.

Inside a Notification

This is how to use a notification.
Screenshot 2024-04-09 11.06.45 PM

There is a Notification Title which is a header to a text you can make this say whatever you want.
There is a Notification Content which is normal text under the Notification Title if there is any.
There are 4 Different Notification types, Info, Success, Warning, Error.
Screenshot 2024-04-09 11.06.59 PM

Info is a information topic used to describe information.

Success is a Succeeding topic used to inform you that something good or right happened.

Warning is a Warn topic used to inform more important information.

Error is a Wrong topic. It is used to inform you that something didn’t go right like if you don’t have enough items to buy something.

Or you can have no notification type .
You can also place Notifications on the Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, and Bottom Right of the screen.
You can make it stay for a certain time to over on the Notification Duration
You can also make it where only some people can have the notification.
You can make it go to one person, everybody, the person and their team, that person’s team excluding them.

Wires and How to Make it Appear

These are ways to make it appear.


Get a Teleporter. Make it so when something happens you can TELEPORT to the TELEPORTER. Wire the teleporter to make it say “When player Teleported - Send Notification”


Make a Channel on anything to trigger the Notification. Make the “Send Notification” channel to the SAME channel you want to trigger it.


Place a zone and shape it anyway you want. Wire the zone to the Notification and make it say "Entered Zone - Send Notification. OR if you wanted it the other way, make it say "Left Zone - Send Notification


Pace a button anywhere on your map. Wire the button to the notification and make it say “Button Pressed - Send Notification”


This example shows how when I enter the zone the notification starts.
Screenshot 2024-04-09 11.03.47 PM
This example shows when I press this button the notification will appear.
Screenshot 2024-04-09 11.05.30 PM

That’s it! If you want me to make a Better one let me know.

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